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Teaching Philosophy
I believe that students learn best when they are provided with a safe, supportive learning environment that offers them the opportunity to grow personally and professionally. My teaching philosophy parallels my counseling theoretical orientation, which includes humanistic and developmental epistemologies. Through the integration of these two approaches, I believe that I am able to facilitate an environment that supports the learning process.

Through the facilitation of the learning process, I strive to uphold Rogers’ tenets of humanistic counseling. I focus on creating a positive physical and psychological learning environment where students will want to learn, with the goal of creating lifelong learners. I believe that creating a positive learning environment involves establishing positive relationships with students, characterized by genuineness, acceptance and trust, respect, and empathic understanding.  Thus, I am able to model for my students the core components of the humanistic approach.

My teaching philosophy encompasses a developmental approach through my belief that students learn when they are provided with educational opportunities that support them at their current developmental level, while also challenging them to grow. I continuously assess students’ developmental levels and utilize an evolving course design that assists me with addressing the current developmental needs of my students. Additionally, I integrate a variety of teaching techniques within the educational environment, in order to address the diverse learning needs of my students and their varying developmental levels. I emphasis technology and integrate visual and audio aides, readings, discussions, experiential activities, and opportunities for self-reflection. The emphasis on Kolb’s approach to experiential learning allows students the opportunity to be active participants in the learning process and to learn from each other. Furthermore, the self-reflection process assists students with obtaining awareness of their current developmental level and their strengths and areas for improvement. Thus, students have exposure to a variety of educational techniques which assist them in their personal and professional growth and development.

I believe that learning is a lifelong process, and therefore I strive to instill an enthusiasm for learning. I strive to integrate creative approaches within my teaching that create interest among my students and promote their development as professional counselors. Thus, having enthusiasm for the material and the counseling profession assists me with fostering learning among my students.