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In third grade, students are generally proficient at linking speech sounds to letters to make words and decoding words with accuracy and automaticity.  They are beginning to use word parts to figure out the meanings of big words.  They can generally read connected text with fluency and make sense of what they read.  For students who are struggling, instruction in these areas is important.  The activities for third grade are focused on these foundational skills.

Below, you will find the tools you’ll need to plan high-quality virtual lessons for third grade.  The Third Grade Lesson Template includes title slides for all the activities we recommend for use with third graders.  The Third Grade Sample Activity Sequence provides a sample of a 5-day sequence of activities for virtual lessons.  Finally, the Third Grade Sample Lesson provides an example of what a lesson planned with the Lesson Template might look like, with all the elements of each activity included.  The Sample Lesson corresponds with the plans for Day 1 in the Sample Activity Sequence.