Description & Research Interests:

I joined the University of Florida as an Assistant Professor in 2004. I was promoted to Associate Professor (with tenure)  in 2010. I received my undergraduate degree in psychology from the University of New Hampshire and my   M. A. and Ph.D. in cognitive psychology from the University of Illinois at Chicago. I was formerly a Postdoctoral Fellow at Florida State University’s Psychology Department working with Dr. Rolf Zwaan from 2002-2004.

As a basic researcher in Cognitive Psychology, my discipline emphasizes the empirical study of mental processes that underpin learning (e.g., attention, memory, reading, and problem solving).

My primary research interests include the representation of text in memory, comprehending time and space in language, the link between attention and intelligence, the use of perceptual symbols in language, problem solving in engineering, and educational issues related to these topics.

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David J. Therriault
Associate Professor
School of Human Development and Organizational Studies (SHDOSE)
University of Florida Gainesville, FL 32611-7047
Phone: (352) 273-4345
Office: 119 Norman Hall