Recognition, Empowerment, and Action for Child Mental Health


Professional Resources & Referrals


988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline

National Council for Behavioral Health

North Central Florida

Meridian Behavioral Healthcare
(800) 330-5615

Village Counseling Center
(352) 373-8189


Burrell Behavioral Health

Crisis team:

  • Southwest Missouri: 1-800-494-7355
  • Central Missouri: 1-800-395-2132
  • Kansas City: 1-888-279-8188

Activities For Youth!


Try: Visualization Exercises

These visualizing exercises can be quick strategies or longer, more formal exercises. These are helpful for many situations where you find yourself becoming overwhelmed or distracted by distressing memories, thoughts or feelings. They can reduce immediate distress and help promote calmness and self-regulation. 

Try: Yoga Practices

A study conducted by Boston University School of Medicine found that styles of yoga and controlled breathing practices can improve symptoms of anxiety and depression. The slow, methodical movements common in some slow styles of yoga might be more beneficial than other more fast-paced styles.

Try: Mindfulness and Organization Apps

There is a wide range of mindfulness, mental health, and organization apps that have been proven effective for assisting with a wide range of issues. These apps can be useful for individuals looking for convenient access to strategies, trackers, and strategies for overall wellbeing.