The SHARK AI Project

This STEM integrated middle school curriculum introduces students to artificial intelligence (AI), and specifically machine learning (ML) through the engaging lens of fossils and the science of paleontology.

The curriculum is structured with a scaffolded design spread across five modules. Each module contains an in-class lesson guide, with a variety of activities. These activities are suggestions for how you can implement this content. You are not required to follow them step-by-step. Utilize the elements that make the most sense for your classroom. K-12 standards (both CPALMS and NGSS equivalents) are addressed through these activities.

Within this context, our project seeks to provide answers to the following Research Questions :


How can this project leverage students’ and teachers’ (mis)conceptions of machine learning?


What instructional components promote effective and feasible STEM+C integration and align with Florida and national science education standards?


How is the project approach perceived by students and teachers?


What learning scaffolds are needed, and what AI knowledge is being developed by participants?


How does the curriculum impact interest and identity in STEM+C and 21st century careers?

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