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BEST in CLASS, developed with funding from the Institute of Education Sciences of the United States Department of Education as a Goal 2 (Development and Innovation) project, is a Tier 2 intervention designed to address the needs of young children who demonstrate persistent and intensive challenging behaviors in early childhood programs, which place them at future risk for developing social, emotional and behavioral disorders.

The BEST in CLASS intervention is designed to enhance and support early childhood teachers use of effective instructional practices that can help prevent young children’s challenging behaviors and support learning. Most teachers are already using many of the BEST in CLASS practices in their class; however, when teachers increase and enhance their use of these practices, many children at risk for social, emotional, and behavioral disorders will learn the social and behavioral skills necessary for school success.

Currently, an efficacy study (funded by the Institute of Education Sciences) is being conducted to determine the impact of BEST in CLASS on the social, emotional, behavioral and preacademic outcomes of young children at elevated risk for emotional/behavioral disorders. Additionally, the BEST in CLASS efficacy study will examine (1) teachers’ use of the BEST in CLASS instructional strategies, (2) teachers’ sense of self-efficacy, (3) teacher-child interactions, (4) overall quality of teacher-child relationships, and (5) the general classroom atmosphere.

Principal Investigators

  • Dr. Maureen Conroy, University of Florida
  • Dr. Kevin Sutherland, Virginia Commonwealth University


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