Opportunities to Collaborate

We are very keen to collaborate and reach out / have you reach into our Lab.  So please get in touch if you are from the community, schools, professional services or any other area that feeds into working with people with neurodiversity.  We are especially keen to hear from, and connect with, members of the community with neurodiversity and to engage us in ways we can collaborate on research, technology-based work or income generation to undertake research and/or design and development.  So please reach out via the connect link, or email me directly.

Community-Based Initiatives

We are very keen to support a range of activities that involve community engagement.  This includes listening to the community and working in collaboration to establish, and better understand, the challenges facing a range of people with neurodiversity.  Therefore, we welcome individuals and family visits to our lab and resources.  We’re looking to support access to innovative technologies, expert talks and seminars based on our research.  We are also keen to have people visit who would like to provide insight related to ideas and challenges facing the community; where technology can help provide solutions.  In addition, we welcome opportunities to feed into the community and showcase our work, activities and share on-going ideas in the ELTL.  We support school visits, community-based events and are happy to bring the technology to you (where/when possible).  

Schools and Outreach

ELTL is keen to develop partnerships with schools.  This is two-fold. Firstly, to co-design research opportunities and seek insights to problems facing neurodiverse communities. Secondly, to work in collaboration to undertake research in/with schools; involving teachers and leadership teams.  We are keen to feed into strategy and policy in areas impacting technology design, uptake, deployment and evaluation. 

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