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What we do

We believe in the power of education to inspire and inform positive change. We work to maximize the impact our faculty, our college and our university partners have on society. 

Our department was intentionally created to be a centralized mission-essential support unit that benefits and advances the College of Education community with high-levels of expertise and agility. The structure of of our department aims to enhance support for the most innovative and beneficial research, teaching and collaborative outreach, crucial facets of the college’s mission.

Our team is composed of instructional designers, developers, writers, designers, videographers, and photographers. From online course development to website design, we are driven to create transformative learning environments.


Researching, planning, implementing and evaluating campaigns designed to meet strategic objectives through collaboration.

Web Design

Bringing dynamic websites to life through detailed architecture and intuitive design to enhance user experiences.

Video Production

Delivering authentic and effective messaging in a variety of methods designed to capture the hearts and minds of target audiences.

Instructional Design

Developing powerful online educational experiences using research, best practices and cutting-edge technology.

Graphic Design

Creating beautiful and effective visual storytelling devices through expert use of design elements and professional practices.

Software Development

Creating solutions and making connections to new possibilities by pushing the boundaries of computers and programming.


Award-winning work


Online Dyslexia Graduate Certificate


To prepare educators to support the needs of students with dyslexia.

Other Information

It is estimated between five and 20 percent of the population are affected by dyslexia, but research shows only 17 percent of teachers understand the characteristics of dyslexia. To bridge this gap ETC worked with college faculty to establish a graduate certificate and to increase enrollments.


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Shared College Communications Resources

There’s no second chance for a first impression. Visit our resources page for presentation and poster templates, Zoom backgrounds, college publications, logos, style guides and more.