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Boilerplate Text 

Consider including this content in your next grant application to partner with ETC in communications.


To ensure maximum exposure of the project the University of Florida College of Education will develop and enact strategic communications campaign(s) designed to reach target audiences in efforts to achieve defined objectives in support of the programmatic goal(s). University staff will use a mix of paid, earned, shared and owned media dependent upon the specified objectives, budget and timeframe to distribute information through a variety of delivery mechanisms. Tactics may include, but are not limited to: 

  • community relations, 
  • direct mail, 
  • email marketing, 
  • print collateral, 
  • in-person meetings, 
  • media advisories and news releases, 
  • newsletters, 
  • public service announcements, 
  • social media, 
  • special events, 
  • videos, 
  • webinars, 
  • and website development and design. 

Communications campaigns for dissemination of the project will be managed by the college news and communications team, housed within the E-learning, Technology and Communications Services (ETC) department, in collaboration with the project grant/research team. As a full service unit in the College of Education, ETC supports the teaching, research, and outreach activities of the college by facilitating effective communication strategies, innovative online technologies, and reliable technical infrastructure. ETC offers consultation, programming services, creative services, and technical administration for the college’s grants and internal processes. ETC has full-time staff available to assist faculty with their research projects including server side developers, videographers, graphic designers, illustrators, instructional designers, public relations and marketing communicators, and web designers.

Communications efforts are typically lead by the public relations and marketing staff and supported by the broad skill set of the department. Communication campaigns are implemented using best practices established by industry trade associations, e.g. Florida Public Relations Association, and higher education research entities, e.g. Institute for Public Relations, in conjunction targeting based on demographic, psychographic and behavior analytic data, e.g. Google Analytics and Facebook Analytics, for owned digital channels.

Public Records

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