Learning unlocked

Faculty and instructors work with us to create effective authentic online learning curricula and develop learning platforms designed to achieve optimum learning outcomes across a variety of domains. 

In a combination of UF research, established best practices and leading-edge use of technology, we are pushing the boundaries of online learning.

Our team leads the instructional design for all College of Education online learning and seeks to create synergy between the instructor and online technology. We understand that designing powerful online educational experiences includes shared contextual learning activities, digital content that resonates and interactivity that serves to engage and foster learning. 

Improve your online courses by receiving the Blue Ribbon Designation.

Instructional Design Lead

Domenic Durante, MAE
Assistant Director, Educational Programs

We strive to be the meeting place where the substantial research of our own college meets the reality of online instruction on a day-to-day basis. That balance has allowed us to create quality courses for both the instructor and the student. Our instructional design seeks to offer learning opportunities that:

  • Promote explicit articulation of student outcomes
  • Integrate formative and summative assessments into the learning process.
  • Create both learner-centric and collaborative opportunities for students to engage material in different ways and with different perspectives.
  • Assist faculty through professional development in embracing and utilizing technology effectively.

Some of the services offered by ETC include:

  • Design of online teaching and learning
  • Development of learning activities
  • Co-design of effective video-based learning content
  • Planning and implementing distance observation strategy
  • Support for grant-funded research
  • Educational project management