A to Z’s of Early Childhood


Anita Zucker Center for Excellence in Early Childhood Studies


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UF, Crystal Bishop, Darbianne Shannon, Lita Tholen, Liane Jepson, Colleges of: Journalism and Communications, Law, Liberal Arts and Sciences, Medicine, Public Health and Health Professions, Nursing, the Harn Museum of Art and Baby Gator Child Development and Research Center

In the A to Z’s of Early Childhood, parents, caregivers, practitioners and policymakers can find short videos and quick tips on how to strengthen children’s development through the 3R’s of Early Learning: Relationships, Repetition, Routines ™, all based on the science of early childhood development and learning.


The primary objective of the initiative “A to Z’s of Early Childhood” was to bridge the gap between academic research and practical application by translating complex scientific knowledge about early childhood development into easily understandable, actionable content and grow audiences to increase reach.

The Challenge

In response to the University of Florida’s ambitious ‘moonshot’ initiative aimed at solving some of society’s most urgent problems while redefining the role of a land-grant university for the 21st century, a team from the College of Education’s Anita Zucker Center along with ETC partners developed a plan to communicate the science of early childhood development and learning to those who need it most. Simply put, we sought to translate academic research around early childhood into accessible, actionable content for parents and caregivers, early childhood practitioners and policy makers.


The Solution

With the uptick in web-based learning, more colleges are now able to specialize their courses and expand their curriculums, allowing students to diversify their skillsets. Standing out in the field became increasingly challenging as geographic boundaries faded and program options grew. How could we meet demand and continue to attract high-caliber students as competition increased?


Over time, developed a repository of information organized under the letters of the alphabet. This initiative engendered trust in the expertise at UF in early childhood studies and increase our national and international visibility. It also supported our broader vision that UF lead national efforts to ensure every child enters kindergarten healthy, socially competent and ready to learn and enable us to be well-positioned to convene a second national summit.