Keeping Communications #AboveTheNorm

The Challenge

After the initial splash of the kickoff event for the Norman Hall rehabilitation project (#AboveTheNorm), buzz quickly died down. How could we generate and continue engagement with a project that, at times, had very little news of interest to students, faculty and staff, and alumni—our target audiences?

The Solution

Thanks to a tip from Senior Associate Dean Tom Dana, we were able to video the Norman Hall lockers being cleaned out. The combination of artfully captured footage by our creative director and expert editing by our lead videographer, resulted in a countdown style video that maintained interest beyond social media’s six-second attention span. 


College of Education


To promote the Norman Hall Rehabilitation project and share in the history of Norman Hall

The video alone was great and tested well with internal audiences, but if a tree falls in a forest… We paired the video with narrative copy for the #AboveTheNorm website and used that to launch a new content plan, featuring original stories in our email newsletter, EduGator Insider.

The following week we unleashed the video social.