Online Dyslexia Graduate Certificate


University of Florida Faculty


Graphic Design, Website Design,
Instructional Design, Video Production


The Communications and Video teams partnered with all of the faculty affiliated with the Institute for Advanced Learning Technologies, along with Senior Associate Dean of Operations, Tom Dana, to create this documentary.

Our instructional design team worked hand-in-hand with faculty to create an extensive set of online course materials to engage learners and meet educational outcomes. Videography and graphic design were key components to creating the impressive body of work. Further, ETC worked on communications and web design to support enrollments, positioning the program as a unique opportunity for students to grow in a meaningful way that would set them apart from other teachers and develop a skillset that would impact the lives of countless students. 


Improve the recruitment and retention of high-caliber students for the online dyslexia certificate at the College of Education.

The Challenge

With the uptick in web-based learning, more colleges are now able to specialize their courses and expand their curriculums, allowing students to diversify their skillsets. Standing out in the field became increasingly challenging as geographic boundaries faded and program options grew. How could we meet demand and continue to attract high-caliber students as competition increased?

The Solution

It is estimated between five and 20 percent of the population are affected by dyslexia, but research shows only 17 percent of teachers understand the characteristics of dyslexia. To bridge this gap and equip educators to support the needs of students, the College of Education established a 15-credit online dyslexia graduate certificate. The certificate sets a new standard for reading education and dyslexia diagnosis. By the certificate’s completion, practicing educators are able to conduct literacy assessments and construct and implement evidence-based literacy intervention for K-12 students with dyslexia.

Reflecting the collaborative effort and production that went into developing the curriculum, EEX 6936 Foundations of Literacy Development and Dyslexia was awarded the 2018 Online Education Excellence Award in the category of Instructional Strategies. Recognized by the UF Office of Faculty Development & Teaching Excellence, this honor distinguishes innovative online teaching and exemplary course design following the UF + Quality Matters standards for online education.

ETC continues to work with  to collaborate with faculty on refining the course content and growing the program.

Dyslexia Certificate Program Flyers

These flyers helped to promote the UF Dyslexia Certificate Program.