The Prevention and Intervention Network (PIN) for Youth, Families, Schools and Communities is an interdisciplinary center of faculty, staff and students dedicated to promoting healthy development and well-being for youth through leading research in prevention science. PIN connects multidisciplinary, translational research in prevention and intervention science at a premier research institution making a strong collective impact on our communities and society.

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PIN promotes the healthy development and well-being of youth through prevention and intervention research, training and engagement with youth, families, schools, and communities. The center’s mission is executed across three focus areas: Research, Training, and Engagement.

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Advancing understanding, research-based practices, and scientific training that promote youths’ healthy development and well-being in contexts that connect youth, families, schools and communities.

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Providing high-quality training opportunities in PIN research and practice to faculty, students, pre-service and in-service trainees, and community stakeholders.

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Engaging with youth, families, schools, and communities through strong and strategic partnerships that meet community-identified needs and translates PIN research into practice.

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  • Embraced Curiosity
  • Authentic Collaboration
  • Accessibility and Inclusivity
  • Community Impact