Agenda Committee

This committee forwards matters to appropriate departments, committes, administration, or organizations and maintains the agenda for College-wide faculty meetings.

Constitutional Responsibilities

The Agenda Committee shall consist of three persons, the Council Chair, Chair-Elect, and one other voting member of the Faculty Policy Council, who is elected by the Council to serve on the Agenda Committee. The Council Chair shall serve as Chair. A nonvoting representative of the Dean’s staff selected by the Dean shall meet with the Committee.

  1. The Agenda Committee shall decide how all matters will be handled by forwarding appropriate actions to the administration, to appropriate agencies or committees, or by establishing ad hoc committees to deal with issues that cannot be addressed elsewhere. Ad hoc committees will be established only for purposes that exceed the charge of the standing committees. The Agenda Committee shall report to the Faculty Policy Council about the disposition of all matters referred to it.
  2. The agenda for each Faculty Policy Council meeting and college-wide faculty meetings shall be prepared and distributed by the Agenda Committee.
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