Online Programs and Certificates

Degree Programs


One does not have to be enrolled in a graduate degree program to qualify for these certificate programs, but formal application and admission to the University of Florida is required.

To apply, visit the UF admissions site and scroll down to the Certificate section.

Certificate Program


Disabilities in Society Students will enhance their knowledge of disabilities by deepening their understanding of implications of disabilities for professional practice. The focus is on how disabilities are perceived, ways people with disabilities are included, and legal aspects of disability policies within and beyond practices in education systems.
Dyslexia Graduate Certificate Prepares practicing educational professionals and parents who home-school their children to become effective interventionists for students with dyslexia. Through online training courses and practicum, general educators and special education teachers, speech pathologists, and school psychologists learn how to provide evidence-based teaching for students with learning disabilities in reading.
Early Childhood Studies Designed for professionals and graduate students, this certificate builds knowledge and skill sets in areas of developmentally appropriate curriculum and assessment, policies and trends, and facilitating meaningful engagement with diverse families.
Education and Health Care Transition (EdHCT) This certificate is designed for graduate students and working professionals in all areas of health care and education to integrate knowledge and practices of health care with the educational needs of the patient and student.

(NOTE: This certificate is in moratorium. No applications being are being accepted after June 30, 2017)

Educational Technology The Educational Technology program offers four certificates:

  • K-12 Teaching with Technology
  • Instructional Design
  • Managing Distance Education Environments
  • Online Teaching and Learning
Science or Mathematics Teaching Five courses in this eight-week online sequence provide all science teachers professional learning opportunities to boost science education results.