Connect research and theory to practice with UF’s developmental research school, the Lastinger Center for Learning, and local schools.

Teachers, Schools, & Society

Complement coursework with teaching and service activities

In Teachers, Schools, and Society, two different doctoral degrees are offered: the campus-based Ph.D. and the online Ed.D. Both doctorates are designed to develop specialized knowledge, expertise, and leadership skills related to teacher education and professional development.

On Campus Ph.D.:

Prepares researchers for positions in higher education. These positions are often in elementary or secondary teacher education programs and frequently focus on the professional development of practicing teachers, school-university partnerships, and improving teaching and learning for diverse students in U.S. schools. Students are engaged in ongoing research apprenticeships with the faculty and other students, combining theory, research, and practice. This is a full-time, face-to-face program based on the University of Florida campus.

Online Ed.D.:

A doctoral program for current educators wanting to become practitioner scholars. Rather than preparing students for positions in research-intensive universities, the degree prepares professionals to draw on educational theory and research to address the pressing problems facing educational leaders today. The program is online and includes periodic face-to-face meetings on the University of Florida campus. A cohort is admitted every other year and follows a prescribed course schedule.

Why specialize in TSS?

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A traditional setting for research apprenticeship.

Online Ed.D. Students

A flexible option for current practitioners.