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Information & Instructional Technology

The Office of Information and Instructional Technology (OIIT) coordinates, develops, implements, and provides a range of technologies to support the mission of the College of Education.

The principle function of the Office of Information and Instructional Technology is to provide flexible and effective administrative and instructional computing support for College of Education faculty, staff and students. Effectiveness in the classroom, unimpeded research and customer service are core focus areas.

The goal of our office is to infuse 21st century technologies and derive efficiencies from those technologies in order to support the operational, pedagogic and strategic mission of the College of Education. We shall enable learning and access to information by using 21st century technology to evolve and improve pedagogy in order to capture and develop the minds of digital natives. Technology should be no more imposing than a key to a door or a switch for a light. We shall build technologies to enable higher learning, facilitate understanding and share ideas worldwide. Use and implementation should be second nature to teachers, learners and support staff. Purpose should be obvious, such as using mobile and portable devices to enable anytime, anywhere learning. Efficiencies should be the norm, not the exception. Data must be available, current, comprehensive and useful. Tracking, reporting and trend identification can be used to steer the College and serve as a role model for the effective use of information, efficiency and the promotion of 21st century pedagogical ideas. Success will be achieved when consideration of business problems overshadows the technical limitations.

Old NormanĀ Hall
1221 SW 5th Avenue
Gainesville, FL 32611

Phone: (352) 273-4100
Email: helpdesk@coe.ufl.edu