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School of Teaching and Learning


Message from Ester de Jong

Director of the School of Teaching and Learning


Making History work for Education

Kenneth Noble explores the implications of U.S. educational reform abroad after WWII


Learning by Doing

Dr. Tim Jacobbe's students play an active role in hos research team

Welcome to the School of Teaching and Learning in the College of Education at the University of Florida. With about 1,400 students and 40 faculty in our school, we offer online and traditional degrees in a research-intensive environment. We invite you to learn more about us, our research, and our programs.

Our programs include elementary and secondary teacher preparation, and ten specialization areas within the broad field of curriculum and instruction. Whether you are a prospective undergraduate student, a professional looking to strengthen your expertise, or you are seeking engaged scholarship by pursuing a doctoral degree, catch a glimpse at what our school can provide in the sections below.



Career in Teaching flyer


Becoming a Teacher

Teacher preparation programs in Unified Elementary Education; Alternative Elementary Education (SITE); and Secondary Education in English, Science, or Social Studies provide supervised teaching experiences and culminate in the Master of Education degree and state certification to teach. The UFTeach Education minor for undergraduate STEM majors yields alternative certification to teach as well.  Click on the Academic Programs tab for more information.

Advancing in Your Profession

An online job-embedded master’s degree program in conjunction with the College of Education’s Lastinger Center for Learning focuses on developing master teachers. Programs for graduate students and current professionals are designed to strengthen educators’ expertise in teaching and learning. See the “Advance in Your Profession” section of our programs.


Download Ph.D. flyer

Doctoral Education

Students and faculty in the School of Teaching and Learning (STL) at the University of Florida generate, apply, and disseminate knowledge about enduring issues in education—such as improving student achievement in high poverty schools and meeting critical teacher shortages. Doctoral degrees (Ph.D. or Ed.D.) in Curriculum and Instruction align with one of 10 specialization areas.  Explore our graduate programs as you consider joining the School of Teaching & Learning community, and please contact us with any questions.


“As a doctoral student I was provided countless opportunities to teach, to mentor, to supervise, to lead, to field test, to experiment, to write, to present, to publish, and to participate in research projects, both individually and collaboratively, both large and small, and always with the support of caring and accessible faculty.”
Emma Humphries, Social Studies Education, Ph.D.


Our Mission: The faculty and students in the School of Teaching and Learning create and promote new knowledge and understandings about teaching and learning for the purpose of a just, compassionate, and informed citizenry. Using innovative, evidence-based practice and theory, we prepare and develop humane teachers, scholars, and other educational professionals to work in diverse contexts with diverse learners.