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The UF Graduate Certificate in Dyslexia helps current educators and practitioners develop the knowledge and skills to provide individualized reading interventions for students with dyslexia. To find out more about the program, please see the video below.

About Our Program

It is estimated that dyslexia affects approximately 5 to 20 percent of the population, which means that 1 in 5 children could potentially struggle with dyslexia. Education on the challenges of dyslexia is essential, yet there is evidence to support the fact that teachers and other professionals are not adequately prepared to support students with dyslexia.

The Dyslexia Certificate is a fully online program that is designed for practicing educators and other related service professionals. Upon completion, participants will be able to:
  • Conduct and interpret effective literacy assessments.
  • Design and implement evidence-based literacy intervention for students with dyslexia in K-12 settings.
This certificate is a total of 15 credit hours. Information about current tuition for online graduate coursework in our college can be found here: https://education.ufl.edu/coe-online/tuition-and-fees/

Admissions Requirements

Potential students of this online certificate include teachers and other related professionals who aspire to work with children with dyslexia.
Requirements for admission include an earned Bachelor’s Degree in Education or a related area of study from a regionally accredited university. Official transcripts are required for admission.
There is an expectation that potential students have some prior knowledge and experiences in teaching reading.

Application Deadlines:

Fall Admission  – June 30th
Spring Admission  – November 22nd


“The experience taught me that the reading acquisition process is predictable but complicated, and every reader is different.
I also learned that my skills as a teacher and interventionist are an ongoing development process. Every encounter with a struggling reader is a chance for me, and the student, to learn.”
— Samantha Welsh, 2016 Dyslexia Practicum Participant
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Course Description and Sequence

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All the courses delineated below are required for completion of the certificate. However, students may enroll in any of the courses outlined as part of their coursework in other graduate level studies.

Full List of Courses

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This course addresses the critical components of literacy development and introduces participants to the nature and needs of students with dyslexia. The focus is on the effects of dyslexia on learning to read and write. The course will also address the historical development of the field, relevant laws, and policies.

6 week course.

This course addresses dyslexia’s neurobiological origins, its effect on language and literacy development, and the variations in the processing and development of the various elements of language and literacy among students with and without dyslexia. The course also addresses linguistic structures of and historical influences on the English language.

10 week course.

This course addresses the principles and practices of effective assessment for students with dyslexia, including the various purposes of assessment, the psychometric properties of high-quality assessment tools, and issues related to test administration. Students will identify effective assessment tools, develop informal assessment procedures, and interpret assessment data to design intervention.

8 week course.

This course addresses principles and practices of evidence-based literacy intervention for students with dyslexia, including the stages of literacy development, the varied challenges that students may encounter as they develop literacy, effective intervention in various components of literacy, and the issues involved in designing a comprehensive literacy intervention program.

8 week course.

The practicum integrates the theoretical study of dyslexia assessment and intervention practices with application in authentic settings. In this course, students apply the principles of effective assessment and intervention and implement evidence-based practices for students with dyslexia. Students also apply what they have learned to effect change their local settings.

16 week course.

“This program has changed my personal view in approaching language and literacy instruction.”
–Priw-Prae Litticharoenporn (Mint), 2019 Dyslexia Practicum Participant
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Course Schedule

The Dyslexia Certificate is designed to be completed in 3 semesters (one academic or calendar year). Below is the projected course schedule for the three current admit terms.

Spring 2020 Admission

Course Schedule
Spring 2020:
Course 1 (6 weeks) and Course 2 (10 weeks)
Summer 2020:
Course 3 (8 weeks) and Course 4 (8 weeks)
Fall 2020:
Course 5 (16 weeks)

*Total program: 15 credits

Fall 2020 Admission

Course Schedule
Fall 2020:
Course 1 (6 weeks) and Course 2 (10 weeks)
Spring 2021:
Course 3 (8 weeks) and Course 4 (8 weeks)
Summer 2021:
Course 5 (12-14 weeks)

*Total program: 15 credits

Spring 2021 Admission

Course Schedule
Spring 2021:
Course 1 (6 weeks) and Course 2 (10 weeks)
Summer 2021:
Course 3 (8 weeks) and Course 4 (8 weeks)
Fall 2021:
Course 5 (12-14 weeks)

*Total program: 15 credits

Reading Endorsement

Florida teachers who currently hold a Professional Certificate may be eligible to add the Reading Endorsement to their credentials by taking the certificate courses.
In order to be eligible for the Reading Endorsement, participants must:
  1. submit documentation of current Florida certification at admission
  2. purchase Livetext, a system used by UF to monitor your completion of the Florida Reading Competencies,
  3. complete all 5 courses, and
  4. be in good standing in the program.
Completion of these courses does not automatically result in obtaining the Florida Reading Endorsement. Upon certificate completion, candidates must submit documentation as required by the  Florida Department of Education on their own in order to  add the Florida Reading Endorsement credential.

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“I believe that I have grown significantly as a reading teacher throughout this experience…I feel confident in my abilities to teach reading to any student. I feel empowered to help future students and parents but also other educational professionals.”
–Morgan Wendland, 2016 Dyslexia Practicum Participant

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