Graduate Certificate Programs

“The graduate certificate you didn’t know you needed!”

The Graduate Certificate in Disabilities in Society is a fully online certificate provides opportunities for students to enhance their knowledge of disabilities by deepening their understanding of implications of disabilities for professional practice. The focus is on how disabilities are perceived, ways people with disabilities are included, and legal aspects of disability policies within and beyond practices in education systems.

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Disabilities in Society

Learn how to meet the needs of students with dyslexia.

The Graduate Certificate in Dyslexia is designed to prepare practicing educational professionals and others interested in learning how to become effective interventionists for students with dyslexia. Through online training courses and practicum, general educators and special education teachers, speech pathologists, and school psychologists gain the knowledge and skills to provide evidence-based teaching for students with dyslexia.

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High quality early education is essential for young children to reach their potential.

The Graduate Certificate in Early Childhood Studies is designed for professionals and graduate students interested in gaining knowledge and applying their skills in the areas of developmentally appropriate curriculum and assessment, policies and trends, and facilitating meaningful engagement with diverse families.

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Early Childhood Studies