Dyslexia Certificate FAQ

What are the admissions requirements to enroll in the certificate?

Requirements for admission include an earned Bachelor’s Degree, preferably in Education or a related area of study, and there is an expectation that potential students have some prior knowledge and experiences in teaching reading. Official transcripts are required for admission.

How do I apply to the program?

Access Certificate Admissions page at https://admissions.ufl.edu/apply/certificates and complete the application via the link at the bottom of the page. In order to apply you must create a new user account if you are not a current UF student. Once we are notified of your application and it is approved, you will be enrolled in the first two courses.

Can I transfer Dyslexia Certificate Courses to a degree seeking program?

You can apply a maximum of 15 credits of the certificate courses to a degree seeking program (only 9 if the credits are from outside UF) at the discretion of your degree seeking program advisor. In order to qualify for transfer, grades have to be B or higher and must be relevant to your degree seeking program. The age of the courses relates to how old they are at the time of graduation.  Courses – whether transferred or not – cannot be more than 7 years old (for masters or specialist) at the time of graduation to count toward a degree.

Can I complete the Dyslexia Certificate as part of a degree seeking program?

Students wanting to pursue an online masters’ specialist, or doctorate of education in special education are encouraged to apply to the respective programs while in pursuit of their Dyslexia Certificate. These programs will incorporate the dyslexia courses into a student’s program plan.

For other degree seeking programs, students will need to contact the appropriate academic unit to see if incorporating the dyslexia certificate courses is an option.

How much do classes cost?

The Dyslexia Certificate program is a 15 credit-hour, non-degree seeking program. For students who are enrolled in the Certificate only and are not in other programs, the cost per credit hour is $462.05.

Students who are enrolled in the Certificate program as part of a degree seeking program can find the estimated tuition fees at https://education.ufl.edu/coe-online/tuition-and-fees/. Note that participants outside the state of Florida should calculate the non-FL resident fee in addition to the base fee. Your particular tuition fees may vary according to your program (e.g. degree seeking vs. non-degree seeking, face-to-face vs. online, instate vs. out-of-state, etc.)

The final tuition and fees costs for everyone will appear in your statement after the semester’s drop/add period. Textbooks costs and materials are additional and vary by class.

Are Dyslexia certificate courses eligible for EPP (Employee Education Program) or state tuition waivers?

Courses 1-4 are eligible for EPP or state tuition waivers. The student will be responsible for following all procedures to apply for these waivers. The information can be found in https://learn-and-grow.hr.ufl.edu/education-programs/employee-education-program/

Course 5 is a practicum based course and is not eligible.

What kind of financial aid is available?

Private or alternative loans are offered to students in certificate programs. You can access the application for these loans at http://www.sfa.ufl.edu/types-of-aid/loans/alternative-loans/. Questions regarding the alternative or private loan certification process should be directed to The Office for Student Financial Affairs at 392-1275.

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