EdD Admission Information and Application Process

General Admission Information

Applicants must follow graduate admission policies of the UF Graduate School; the College of Education; the School of Teaching and Learning; and the Teachers, Schools, and Society program area.

Briefly, general requirements include:

  • A minimum grade point average of 3.0 for all upper-division (last 60 credits) undergraduate work and all previous graduate work
  • A Masters or Specialist degree in education (or a field tightly linked to your professional role/context)
  • At least three years of practical experience in the field of education and, throughout the duration of the program, be working as a full-time education professional

Note: The School of Teaching and Learning has adopted a waiver for the GRE for admissions to the Doctor of Education (EdD) programs; therefore, applicants for the TSS EdD program do not need to supply a GRE record. This waiver is only applicable to the Doctor of Education (EdD) programs and does not apply to the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) programs.

Application Process

Successfully complete the UF Graduate School online application, being sure to submit all required information and materials, including:

  • contact information (including email addresses) for three professional references
  • estimated upper-division undergrad GPA
  • academic background information (for official transcript processing)
  • a statement of purpose regarding your intent to earn an EdD in this program
  • a current resume/CV
  • a 500-750 written response to the following prompt:
    • Connected to the TSS EdD program’s social justice mission, one of the goals of our EdD program is to further prepare practicing educators to lead informed and sustained change in their professional contexts. Please describe one significant problem of practice that exists in your context and one or two specific strategies for addressing this problem that might result in more equitable outcomes for students and/or adults in your context.

Note: When completing the online application, it is critical that you carefully follow these instructions to route your application to the right program:

  • Location of Intended Program: Distance Education
  • Program of Study: College of Education
    • Curriculum and Instruction / Degree Name – Doctor of Education
  • Select Term: Summer A/C 2022
  • Program Specialization: (type in) TSS
  • Department Contact Name: (type in) Gage Jeter


For questions about graduate admission policies or the application process, please email COE Graduate Admissions (GradAdmissions@coe.ufl.edu) and/or COE graduate admissions officer Eddy Acevedo (edgardoacevedo49@coe.ufl.edu).

For unique, program-specific questions not answered on the Frequently Asked Questions page, email TSS EdD program coordinator, Dr. Gage Jeter (gjeter@coe.ufl.edu).

Application and Admission Information