The Education Sciences major is ideal for students interested in a broad scope of the education field with lots of potential for adding minors or a second major. Students will be well-prepared for work in the public, private, or nonprofit sectors that contribute to both traditional and non-traditional educational contexts.

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    Student Stories

    Whether it’s on the beach volleyball court or in her career, Katherine Cook, 35, has always had a passion for helping others succeed. When Katherine first started at the University of Florida right after high school, she wasn’t quite sure how to combine passion and education.


    “After taking classes in the BAES program I found my calling to education. The relationships I have developed with professors, advisors, and peers in the program helped me discover my strengths and passion.”

    – Jack McCarthy

    “What I like about this major is that it encourages students to not follow a specific path in order to obtain a degree, rather, through the variety of courses that this program provides. It is a way of exploring psychological foundations, learning methods, and education development in many fields.”

    – Mijal Yanowsky

    “I have had positive experiences with peers, staff, and faculty in every course taken. The flexibility within the degree and specialization component allows me to specify my degree to cater to my educational interests. This program readily prepares its students for success in the education field.”
    – Hanna Cavallaro