UF Ed Tech November conference presenters!

November 7, 2011

Congratulations to the large group of UF Ed Tech students, faculty, and alumni who are disseminating their scholarship at four November conferences! We also have one award winner who will be announced during the week. We hope to see you if you are attending. If I have missed anyone who is presenting, please let us know. You can get details on the times and topics of each session at the conference websites.
Go, Ed Tech EduGators!

Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT) International Convention, Nov. 8-12, Jacksonville. http://www.aect.org/events/Jacksonville/
Kara Dawson, sessions
Albert Ritzhaupt, sessions, roundtable, panel, workshop
Feng Liu, sessions, panel
Nate Poling, sessions, workshop
Chris Frey, sessions, workshop
Melissa Johnson, paper, symposium
Margeaux Johnson, sessions, workshop
Dennis Beck, session
Sebnem Cilesiz, sessions
Wendy Drexler, session
Chris Sessums, session

Sloan-C International Conference on Online Teaching and Learning, Nov. 9-11, Orlando. http://sloanconsortium.org/aln
Swapna Kumar, sessions
Nicola Wayer, session
Dan McCoy, session
Hope Kelly, poster
Minnie Ogburn, poster
Allison Johnson, sessions
Wendy Drexler and Chris Sessums, session
Ben Campbell, session

Virtual School Symposium, (iNACOL), Nov. 9-11, Indianapolis.http://virtualschoolsymposium.org/
Cathy Cavanaugh, workshop, session, panel, SIG
Alumnus to be announced, research award

Florida Educational Research Association (FERA) conference, Nov. 2-4, Tampa.http://www.feraonline.org/
Kara Dawson, sessions
Albert Ritzhaupt, sessions, journal and program chair
Feng Liu, sessions
Chris Frey, sessions
Margeaux Johnson, session
Mark Hart, session