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Brown, Taryrn T.C.

Taryrn Brown headshotClinical Assistant Professor
School of Teaching and Learning

College of Education
University of Florida
2-275 Norman Hall
PO Box 117648
Gainesville, FL 32611
Phone number: 352-273-4232
Fax number: 352-392-9193

Research Biography

Dr. Brown broadly examines the interpretive, normative, and critical perspectives of education, both inside and outside of schools. With emphasis on the experiences of minoritized individuals and communities, much of her work emerges from the intersections of issues of race, social class, and gender.

Dr. Brown’s interdisciplinary work seeks to promote critical questions that challenge the standard assumptions about the purposes of schools in a democratic society; the role that race, class, and gender play in education; and the importance of understanding critical policy analyses in the context of neoliberalism.

As a scholar-practitioner, Dr. Brown’s current research and scholarship focuses on Black feminism, narrative analysis, intersectionality, critical race theory, and Black girlhood studies. Her dissertation, entitled “The Emancipatory Act of Utilizing Voice to Challenge the Deficit Paradigm of Teenage Pregnancy: The Narrative Experience of Black Teenage Mothers” explored the lived experiences of Black teenage mothers. This study investigated the impact of deficit discourses on Black teen-mothers’ sense of themselves and how they understood their mothering in the context of those social discourses.


Ph.D. in Educational Theory and Practice, 2018
Emphasis in Critical Studies
University of Georgia

M.Ed. in Higher Education Administration, 2009
University of North Carolina at Greensboro

B.A. in Media Studies and African American Studies, 2007
University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Key Professional Appointments

Clinical Assistant Professor, School of Teaching and Learning, University of Florida, (2019-Present)

Activities and Honors

Teacher of the Year, College of Education, University of Florida, (2021)

Research Catalyst, Lastinger Center, College of Education, University of Florida

Provost Travel and Professional Development Award, College of Education, University of Florida

Rotary Deans Service Award, College of Education, University of Georgia, (2017)

Women Pioneers in Education Scholarship, College of Education, University of Georgia, (2016)


Enhancing Access Through Algebra Nation, Phase 2. Phokert, P., Coleman-King, C., and Brown, T. (Co-PI), Jung, H. (2021). Gates Foundation. (Grant funded, $999,997.54)

Enhancing Access Through Algebra Nation, Phase 1. Phokert, P., Coleman-King, C., and Brown, T. (Co-PI) (2020). Gates Foundation. (Grant funded, $99,785)

Matrix of Anti-Racism across the Curriculum (MARC): Building theory and instrumentation to address race across the undergraduate curriculum. (2020). McCray, E., Haynes-Thoby, L., Bhattacharya, K., Brown, T. (Co-PI), Jones, N., Duggins, S., and Coleman-King, C. University of Florida Racial Justice Research Fund. (Funded, $60,000.00)

Too Lit to Quit: An Arts and Education Co-Lab to Explore Health, Literacy, and the Academic Achievement Gap in Alachua County schools. (2020). Jackson, A. and Brown, T. (Senior Collaborator) Creative Campus Catalyst Fund (grant funded, $11,000.00)

Black Educators Reading Group of Gainesville. (2019-present). Busey, C., *Dowie-Chin, T., Coleman-King, C., McCray, E., Brown, T. (Collaborator). (grant funded, $500.00)

Selected Publications

King, C. & Brown, T. (2021). Something inside so strong: Why every community needs a freedom school, especially now. Gainesville Sun.

King, C., Brown, T., Haynes-Thoby, L., & Dowie-Chin. (2021). Dreaming beyond boundaries: Reimagining the role of Black mothers in culturally sustaining pedagogy. Voices in Urban Education.

King, C., Brown, T., & Haynes-Thoby, L. (2021). Reclaiming my time: Black mothers cultivating the homeplace in times of crisis. Journal of Teaching and Learning. (accepted)

Coes, J. & Brown, T. (2017). Teacher Educators Need Your Help! Education Weekly.

Jones, S., Theil, J., Woglom, J., Davila, D., Pittard, B., Brown, T., Zhou, X. & Snow, M. (2016).  Childhood geographies and spatial justice: Making sense of place and space-making as political acts in education. American Educational Research Journal Vol. 53 (4) pp. 1126-1158.

Selected Presentations

Brown, T. (2021). Culturally Responsive Course Design: Humanizing Strategies in Online Course Design. UF College of Education, E-Learning, Technology, and Communications Webinar Series.

Brown, T. & Murray E. (2021, April 8 – 12). Navigating a womanist caring framework: Centering womanist geographies within social foundations for black academic survival. [Roundtable Session]. AERA Annual Meeting, Virtual Conference.

Brown, T. (2020, Apr 17 – 21) Naturalized Realities of Deficit Discourses: Black Teenage Mothers’ Voices, Hypervisibility, and Schooling [Roundtable Session]. AERA Annual Meeting San Francisco, CA http://tinyurl.com/voltj6k

Brown, T., Busey, C., Coleman-King, C., *Dowie-Chin, T., *Silva, C., *Powers, L., *Acevedo, D. (2020, March 26-29) Black Internationalism: Theory, Research, Policy, and Pedagogy: Examining the Geopolitics of Critical Race Theory in [Global South] Educational Research [Panel Session]. Miami, FL

“Unmasking mean girls.” National Youth at Risk Conference, Savannah, GA March 2017

“Challenging Deficit Discourse: The experiences of black teenage mothers,” Institute for Women’s Studies: Women and Girls in Georgia Conference, Athens, GA, November 2017

“Curricular Invitations for Critical Conversation,” National Youth at Risk Conference. Savannah, GA, March 2017

“Consumer responsibility: The importance of critical media literacy.” Partnering Ambassadors for Life and Service, Athens, GA, February 2017

“University and Community partnerships” with Tarek Grantham, Nichole Murray, Octavia Spencer, and Veronica Tinsley, Georgia Family Engagement Conference, Athens, GA, November 2016

“Shaping a Generation: The educational experiences of black teenage mothers,” Graduate and  Faculty Conference, Athens, GA, April 2015