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Coleman-King, Chonika

Assistant Professor
School of Teaching and Learning

College of Education
University of Florida
2-214B Norman Hall
PO Box 117048
Gainesville, FL 32611
Phone: 352-273-4208
Fax: 352-392-9193

Research Biography

Dr. Chonika Coleman-King is currently Assistant Professor of Teachers, Schools, and Society at the University of Florida.  Her research focuses on how best to prepare teachers and teacher candidates to teach with an emphasis on social justice in schools that serve economically disadvantaged children and students of color, specifically Black children. Her research interests also include the development of culturally responsive curriculum and teaching practices across content areas. Additionally, Dr. Coleman-King focuses her work on anti-racist teachers, urban education, and the experiences of Black immigrant and Black American youth in U.S. schools.  Dr. Coleman-King is the author of the book, The (Re-)Making of a Black American: Tracing the Racial and Ethnic Socialization of Caribbean American Youth which documents the complex interplay between race, class, and immigrant status for Afro-Caribbean immigrant youth and the role of schools and families in helping students develop their racial and ethnic identities.  Her grants include the National Science Foundation, Integrative and Collaborative Education and Research (ICER) grant for $390,000 and the National Science Foundation, Discovery Research preK-12 (DRK-12) grant for $45,000. She also has a grant for $850,000 from Knox County Schools, where she is tasked with helping educators develop competencies around teaching racially, linguistically, and socioeconomically minoritized students.


Ph.D.  University of Pennsylvania, Teaching, Learning, and Curriculum

M.Ed.  University of Maryland, Education Policy and Leadership Studies

B.S.     Pennsylvania State University, Elementary Education

Key Professional Appointments

Assistant Professor, Teachers, Schools, and Society, School of Teaching and Learning, University of Florida

Assistant Professor, Urban-Multicultural Education, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Activities and Honors

Communications Chair for the American Educational Research Association (AERA) Research Focus on Black Education Special Interest Group (RFBE SIG)

Member of the Editorial Review Board for the Voices in Urban Education magazine

Outstanding Educator Award (2018)

Outstanding Teacher Award (2017)


National Science Foundation, ICER Grant
Awarded $390,424 in collaboration with Drs. Andrew D. Steen, Stephanie K. Drumheller-Horton, and Kristin Rearden for the project, titled GP-IMPACT: ICE-AGE: Integrating Continuous Experiential Activities for Geoscience Education.

Knox County Schools, Cultural Competency/Humility Training Grant
Awarded $847,894 to provide professional development to all 8,000 school district employees and guide schools in setting up systems to monitor disparities and advance practices to produce equitable school outcomes and positive school experiences for underrepresented students. 

National Science Foundation, DRK-12 Grant
Awarded $45,858.69 to extend the Multimedia Engineering Notebook Tools project to examine how teachers can engage in STEAM teaching using culturally responsive approaches to teaching and assessment.

Selected Publications


Coleman-King, C.  (2014). The (re-)making of a Black American: Tracing the racial and ethnic socialization of Caribbean American youth. New York, NY: Peter Lang.

Book Chapters

Coleman-King, C., & Groenke, S. (2019). Teaching #blacklivesmatter and #sayhername: Interrogating historical violence against Black women in Sharon Draper’s Copper Sun. In R. Ginsberg & W. Glenn (Eds.), Engaging critically with multicultural young adult literature in the secondary classroom. London: Routledge.

Coleman-King, C., & Coleman, J.  (2017).  White teachers and the power to transform: Early childhood educators and the potential for lasting harm. In A. Michael & E. Moore, Jr. (Eds.), The guide for White women who teach Black boys (pp. 215-218). Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin Press.

Coleman-King, C.  (2017).  Vignette: Discipline practices of Caribbean families. In A. Michael & E. Moore, Jr. (Eds.), The guide for White women who teach Black boys (pp. 277-279). Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin Press.

Michael, A., Coleman-King, C., Lee, S., Ramirez, C., & Bentley-Edwards, K. (2016). Naming the unnamed: An exploration of White culture in relief.  In C. Warren and S. Hancock (Eds.), White woman’s work: Examining the intersectionality of cultural norms, teaching, and identity formation in urban schools (pp. 19-44). Charlotte, NC: Information Age.

Hatch, J. A, & Coleman-King, C. (2014). Conducting early childhood qualitative research in the 21st century.  In O. N. Saracho (Ed.), Handbook of research in early childhood education (pp. 441-478). Charlotte, NC: Information Age.

Journal Articles

Awokoya, J., & Coleman-King, C. (in press). Of othering and isolation: Black women transnational scholars living at the border. Qualitative Inquiry.

Groenke, S. L., Haddix, M., Glenn, W., Kirkland, D. E., Price-Dennis, D., & Coleman-King, C. (2015). “What if we viewed them as human?”: Disrupting and dismantling the dominant vision of youth of color.  English Journal, 42(2), 57-67.

Coleman-King, C., & Groenke, S. L.  (2014).  Enhancing antiracist teacher education: Critical witnessing through pairing YA literature and adult nonfiction. The ALAN Review, 104(3), 35-40.

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