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Dr. Fu is Professor in the area of literacy with a specialty in writing and literacy instruction for new immigrants. She has had extensive experience of working in high poverty low performing K-12 public schools in New York City populated with new immigrant children and youths, among whom 250 languages are spoken. Working in NYC school districts, Dr. Fu was involved with literacy program development, reform, adaptation and implementation to meet the needs of those students with little home support. She has been a consultant across the nation: giving keynote/feature speeches and workshops to school districts in many states, and working closely with classroom teachers in search of effective ways to improve the outcomes of low achieving students. Recently she has given speeches and workshops on ELLs issue in several Asian countries. In addition, she has had extensive experience with working with communities and families of new immigrant families. She serves on Distinguished Advisory Committee of NYC Urban Teacher Institute, the National Advisory Board for the CUNY-New York State Initiative on Emergent Bilinguals and on the Advisory Committee for English language learners of Pearson Publishers and American College Testing (ACT). In addition, she is a member of NCTE (National Council of Teachers of English) Elementary Steering Committee and program chair of Division G at AERA (American Education and Research Association). She was column-editor of National Association of Bilingual Education Journal, and serves on the review boards of five top journals in the field such as Reading Research Quarterly and Language Arts. Her scholarly and inservice work has been published as five books and over eighty chapters, journal articles and book reviews. At the university, she teaches language arts methods course for diverse learners to preservice teachers and conducts seminars on Literacy, Family, Culture and Composition Theory and Practice to graduate students. Dr. Fu is the first recipient of Scholarship of Engagement Award in the UF College of Education, won UF COE Graduate Teacher of the Year award in 2007. She was presented with an honorary doctoral degree of Humane Letters by DePaul University in Chicago and an honorary Professorship by China Women University and Jingling College, Nanjing University in People's Republic China due to her outstanding scholarly and service contribution to the improvement of literacy education for immigrant children and English language learners and research in writing in cross-cultural contexts.


  • School of Teaching and Learning

Research Interests

Adolescent Literacy, Bilingual / Bicultural Education, Diverse Learners, ESOL, Education Types, Educational Studies, Language, Language and Literacy Development, Literacy, Middle School / Jr. High, Multicultural Literacy, Multicultural and Minority Education, Primary / Elementary, Professional Development, Secondary / High School Transition, Sociolinguistics, Teacher Evaluation, Young Children at Risk


  • Ph.D, 1992, Education Department, University of New Hampshire
  • M.A, 1988, English Department, Rhode Island College
  • B.A, 1978, English Department, Nanjing University, People's Republic of China

Professional Appointments

  • College of Education, University of Florida, 1995- present
  • Assistant Professor - Elementary Department, College of Education, Towson State University, Maryland, 1992-1995

Activities and Honors

  • 2012 Honorary Professorship, Jingling College, Nanjing University, China
  • 2011 Faculty Enhancement Opportunity Award,
  • 2010 Honorary Professorship, China Women's University, Jinan, China
  • National Advisory Board for the CUNY-New York State Initiative on Emergent Bilinguals
  • 2012- present–the Board of Nanjing Research Center of Language Arts Instruction, Nanjing, China
  • 2011-present–the Advisory Board of Nanjing Council of Teachers of Writing, China
  • 2008-present–ELL Advisory Committee of Pearson Publishers
  • 2004-present–Literacy Consultant, PD Network at the National Council of Teachers of English
  • 1999-present–Distinguish Advisory Board of NY Urban Teacher Institute
  • 1994-present–Consultant on Fairness Committee, American College Testing (ACT).

Selected Grants

StarTalk Summer Institute of Teachers of Chinese

  • PI
Funding Agency
  • US Security Agency
Project Period
  • 2014
Award Amount
  • $78,900

StarTalk Summer Institute of Teachers of Chinese

  • PI
Funding Agency
  • US Security Agency
Project Period
  • 2013
Award Amount
  • $89,987

StarTalk Summer Institute of Teachers of Chinese

  • PI
Funding Agency
  • US Security Agency
Project Period
  • 2012
Award Amount
  • $97,664

StarTalk Summer Institute of Teachers of Chinese

  • PI
Funding Agency
  • US Security Agency
Project Period
  • 2011
Award Amount
  • $92,980

Selected Publications

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