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Kohnen, Angela

Kohnen picAngela Kohnen
Assistant Professor, English Language Arts and Literature
School of Teaching and Learning
College of Education
University of Florida
2419 Norman Hall
PO Box 117048
Gainesville, FL 32611

Research Biography

Dr. Angela Kohnen is an Assistant Professor in the School of Teaching and Learning at the University of Florida. She has a Ph.D. in Education (Teaching and Learning Processes) from the University of Missouri-St. Louis where she studied English Education and the teaching of writing.

During her doctoral studies, she was a research assistant on the National Science Foundation funded project “Science Literacy through Science Journalism” and coauthored a book (Front Page Science) for teachers about using science news in the classroom. Prior to coming to UF, she taught high school in the St. Louis, Missouri area and subsequently worked at Missouri State University where she coordinated the English Education program and provided professional development to practicing teachers on the teaching of writing. Her research focuses on writing pedagogy in content-area classrooms, teacher professional development, and the relationship between genre and identity. Her research has appeared in the Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy, English Journal, and Linguistics and Education, and she has presented at various conferences including those of the Literacy Research Association (LRA), the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE), the Conference on English Education (CEE), and Writing Research Across Borders (WRAB).


Ph.D.—University of Missouri-St. Louis, Education/Teaching and Learning Processes (English Education)

M.Ed.—University of Missouri-St. Louis, Secondary Education (English Education)

B.A.—Washington University, English and American Literature

Key Professional Appointments

Assistant Professor, University of Florida, School of Teaching and Learning, 2015-present

Assistant Professor and Coordinator of English Education, Missouri State University, Department of English, 2012-2015

Activities and Honors

Co-Director, Ozarks Writing Project (site of the National Writing Project), 2012-2015

Manuscript reviewer: NCTE books, LRA yearbook, Teaching/Writing


Co-Principal Investigator, College-Ready Writers Program Validation and Study Grant, National Writing Project with funding from the USDOE Investing in Innovation program, $602,000

Selected Publications

Book/Book Chapters

Kohnen, A. M., Saul, E. W., & Singer, N. (in press). Developing support for teachers and students in secondary science classrooms through writing criteria. In S. Plane, C. Bazerman, & C. Donahue (Eds.), Writing research from multiple perspectives. Lorraine, France: Centre de Recherche sure les Médiations.

Saul, E. W., Newman, A., & Kohnen, A. (2014). STEM literacy through science journalism: Driving and communicating along the information highway. In R. E. Yager & H. Brunkhorst (Eds.), Exemplary STEM programs: Designs for success (pp. 143-161). Arlington, VA: NSTA Press.

Kohnen, A. M. (2012). Teachers as editors, editors as teachers. In C. Bazerman, C. Dean, J. Early, K. Lunsford, S. Null, P. Rogers, & A. Stansell (Eds.), International advances in writing research: Cultures, places, measures (pp. 303-317). Fort Collins, CO: The WAC Clearinghouse.

Saul, W., Kohnen, A., Newman, A., & Pearce, L. (2012). Front-Page science: Engaging teens in science literacy. Arlington, VA: NSTA Press.


Kohnen, A.M., & English, C. (in press). In search of authentic argument. English Journal.

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