Unlock the potential to transform lives with the University of Florida’s Graduate Certificate in Dyslexia. Designed for current educators and practitioners, this program empowers you with the expertise to deliver tailored reading interventions for students battling dyslexia. Dive deeper into our comprehensive curriculum and discover how you can make a significant difference in your students’ learning journey. Explore more about this life-changing program by watching the video below.

Dyslexia is a widespread challenge, affecting an estimated 5 to 20 percent of the population. This translates to potentially 1 in 5 children facing difficulties with dyslexia. Despite the critical need for specialized education to navigate the complexities of dyslexia, there’s a significant gap in preparedness among educators and professionals to offer the necessary support.

The University of Florida’s Dyslexia Certificate offers a solution through a comprehensive, fully online program tailored for practicing educators and related service professionals. This program equips participants with the skills to:

  • Conduct and interpret effective literacy assessments, and Design and implement evidence-based literacy interventions for K-12 students with dyslexia.
  • Spanning 15 credit hours, this certificate program opens the door to transformative educational practices.

Dyslexia Graduate Certificate Curriculum

All the courses listed are required for completion of the certificate.
However, students may enroll in any of the courses outlined as part of their coursework in other graduate level studies.

Required Courses

6-week course

  • EEX 6135 Foundations of Literacy Development and Dyslexia

8-week course

  • EEX 6137 Dyslexia: Assessment for Intervention
  • EEX 6138 Dyslexia: Intervention Methods

10-week course

  • EEX 6136 Dyslexia: Language and the Brain

16-week course

  • EEX 6855 Dyslexia: Practicum in Assessment and Intervention

Please note the following University of Florida Graduate School certificate requirements:

  1. No course substitutions are permitted for certificates
  2. No transfer credits are permitted for certificates
  3. Students must apply and be accepted into a certificate program BEFORE they have earned half the required courses (in our case, before 6 hours are earned)
  4. Students must apply to receive their certificate in the semester in which they plan to finish it

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    Program Requirement

    Program Highlight

    Entry: Any Semester
    Typical Course Load: 5 courses
    Full-Time/Part-Time: Not Applicable
    Application Deadline: See dates published by the college
    Average Class Size: Not Applicable
    Program Completion: 2 semesters