College of Education

College of Education Staff Directory

Dean’s Office

2023 Norman Hall, PO Box 117040


Dr. Glenn Good Dean 273-4135
Elena Anderson Dean’s Assistant 273-4135
Dr. Erica McCray Associate Dean: Faculty & Staff Affairs; Diversity, Equity & Inclusion; Community & International Engagements 273-4264
Kristi Hill Associate Dean’s Assistant 273-4501
Jacqueline Metts Office Assistant 273-4130

Business Office

3044 Norman Hall, PO Box 117041


Sandra Bass Business Manager 273-4124
Jamie Dale Assistant Director, Finance 273-4558
Ann Daugherty Fiscal 273-4127
Elleen Jones Fiscal 273-4335
Jennifer Reed Fiscal 273-4301
Willie Williams Fellowships/Assistantships 273-4125
Ellen Young Human Resources Rep 273-4123

Coordinated Services, Post Award

3048 Norman Hall, PO Box 117041


Rosabel Ruiz Asst. Director, Research Administration 273-4099
Rose Jones Research Admin III, Grants Admin-Lastinger 273-4126
Carol Mills Research Admin III, Grants Admin-COE Schools 273-4161
Christy Oxer Research Admin I, Grants Supp-COE Schools 273-4128
Shell Romano Research Admin III, Grants Admin-Lastinger 273-1991
Vicki Tucker Research Admin III, Grants Admin-COE Schools 273-4276

EduGator Central & Academic Student Services

1002 Norman Hall, PO Box 117042


Dr. Tina Smith-Bonahue Associate Dean, Academic & Student Affairs 273-4376
Aaron Ganas Asst. Director, EduGator Central; Academic Advisor & Scholarships 273-4378
Dr. Elayne Colón Director Assessment/Accreditation 273-4132
Dr. Lori Dassa Director Clinical Experiences/Partnerships 273-2051
Chris Cook Online Education Services Coordinator 273-4205
Marcy Davis Academic Program Specialist 273-4380
Scott Davis Academic Assistant II 273-4154
Nathan Hanson Senior Data Manager 294-2740
Kat Hodson Admissions Officer I 294-6349
Earl McKee UF Online Academic Advisor
Leia Pierre Administrative Specialist
Dr. Kim Roberts Coordinator, LiveText, Assessment, and Accredidation
Robin Rossie Academic Advisor, Teacher Prep Programs
Ashley Sprague Field Placement Coordinator
Front Desk

E-Learning, Technology and Communications Services

3038 Norman Hall, PO Box 117057


Dr. Jason Dean Arnold Director 273-4442
Mark Dinsmore Associate Director 273-2848
Robin Bowen Instructional Design 273-4013
Joshua Cornelius Video Production Lead 294-9199
Kevin Coulson Communications Manager 273-4370
Domenic Durante Lead Instr. Design/Support 273-4136
Moxy Moczygemba Communications Specialist 273-4137
Alexis Moore Graphic Designer 273-4156
Anthony Nappi Instructional Design 273-4156
Kayla Sharp Designer Manager 273-2241
Sami Wax Video Postproduction Lead 294-9199

Informational & Instructional Technology

0800 Norman Hall, PO Box 117040


Vacant Director 273-4101
Catherine “Cat” Sabado Dixon IT Supervisor 273-4112
Jordan Shinall System Administration 273-4100
Aaron Harvey Tech Support 273-4100
Sylvia Hayes Tech Support 273-4110
Robert Wideman Tech Support 273-4111
COE IT Helpdesk 273-4100

Office of Advancement

2006 Norman Hall, PO Box 117044


Jim Burke Senior Director 273-4141
Vacant Assistant Director 273-4149
Sunnie Pearson Alumni Affairs & Constituent Relations 273-4142
Marissa Hartman Annual Giving & Donor Relations 273-4143
Vacant Office/Events Assistant 273-4794
Chelsea Maxwell Administrative Support 273-4140

Office of Educational Research

2001 Norman Hall, PO Box 117040


Dr. Thomasenia Adams Associate Dean, Research & Faculty Development 273-4116
Dr. Ana Puig Director 273-4121
Chiquita “Quita” Campbell Administrative Specialist 273-4116
Tamara Dixon Proposal/Budget Prep 273-4244
Brian Lane Proposal/Budget Prep 273-4120
Piper Lowinger Grants Writer 273-1876
Audrey Vilaihong Tech Writer 273-4118

School of Human Development & Organizational Studies in Education

1602 Norman Hall, PO Box 117049


Dr. David Miller Director 273-4306
Dr. Corinne Manley Associate Director 273-4342
Dr. Cliff Hayes Graduate Coordinator 273-4310
James Dean Office Manager 273-4336
Brittany LeFevers Acad. Support Counselor Ed & Rem 273-4337
Kacey Peterson Administrative Support 273-4334
Angela Rowe Acad. Support, HiEd, EdLdr, SPHE 273-4333

School of Special Education, School Psychology & Early Childhood Studies

1801 Norman Hall, PO Box 117050


Dr. Nancy Waldron Director 294-2753
Dr. Penny Cox Associate Director & Graduate Coordinator 273-4280
Heather Dampier Fiscal & Program Support 273-4245
Delin Miller Department Support 294-0779
Shaira Rivas-Otero Fiscal & Program Support 273-4277
Michell York Office Manager 273-4279

School of Teaching & Learning

0711 Norman Hall, PO Box 117052


Dr. Alyson Adams Director 273-4107
Dr. Albert Ritzhaupt Assoc. Director & Graduate Coord 273-4180
Brian Coulter Academic Assistant 273-4220
Kay Curcio Grad Programs Support 273-4219
Brooke Freeman Office Support & Travel 273-4203
Dr. Leela Kumaran Grant Support 273-4187
Michelle Mark Academic Support 273-4173
Dr. Tom McMorrow Academic Coordinator 273-4217
Linda Miley Office Manager 273-4240
Vacant Personnel & Facilities 273-4239

Institute for Advanced Learning Technologies

0500 Norman Hall, PO Box 117040


Dr. Tom Dana Senior Associate Dean of Operations; Director IALT 273-4134
Jennifer Wrighton Senior Associate Dean’s Assistant 273-4134

Lastinger Center

0711 Norman Hall, PO Box 117052


Dr. Philip Poekert Director 273-4103
Leland Hill Assistant Director, Business Operations 273-0289
Vacant Business Services Specialist 273-4103
John Fuller Operations Specialist 273-4150
Brittany Gonzalez Human Resources Coordinator 273-4157

UF Literacy Institute

0810 Norman Hall, PO Box 117050


Dr. Holly Lane Director 273-4103
Dr. Vivian Gonsalves Assistant Director 273-4267
Dr. Kristi Cheyney-Collante Assistant Director 294-6970
Dr. Valentina Contesse Clinical Assistant Professor 273-4248
Mindy Nissenberg Program Coordinator 294-2751
Main Office Line 273-4171

Anita Zucker Center for Excellence in Early Childhood Studies

3020 Norman Hall, PO Box 117050


Dr. Patricia Snyder Director 273-4287
Dr. Maureen Conroy Co-Director 273-4382
Veronica Glaeser Research Admin Assistant 273-4250
Aisha Sanchez-Rivas Administrative Assistant 273-4287

P.K. Yonge Developmental Research School

1200 SW 6th Street, Gainesville FL, 32601, PO Box 118530


Dr. Brian Marchman Director 294-7297
Dr. Carrie Geiger Principal 392-1554
Amy Neal Assistant Director, Admin Services 294-9094
Main Number/Receptionist 392-1554

Education Library

1502 Norman Hall, PO Box 117016


Rachel Elrod Director 273-2627