Facts and Figures

Student Enrollment

Fall 2021

Unduplicated Enrollment*: 1,855

  • Undergraduate: 492
  • Graduate: 1,237
  • Certificate: 118
  • Post Baccalaureate or Non-degree: 8

Any Enrollment**

  • On-campus Enrollment: 3,113
  • Online Enrollment: 3,995

*Includes ALL COE majors/full and part time/all delivery methods campus, online, and hybrid full-time students.

**Students enrolled in these courses can come from any major or college at UF. One student could be counted multiple times depending on the number of course sections they are enrolled in at any given time (semester).

Faculty and Staff

Fall 2021

  • Faculty: 113 full-time
  • Staff: 135 full-time

Alumni & Giving

Fall 2021

  • Alumni: 30,596 living
  • Total Gifts (FY2020): $7,240,987.81

2022 at a Glance

Academic excellence is ingrained in all we do, guiding our efforts to make a meaningful impact on society. Our faculty use their domain expertise to conduct transformative research to solve critical educational and human challenges in an interconnected world.

Our Unstoppable Impact

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