Dr. Antonenko to Represent UF Ed Tech at a NSF-Sponsored Panel at AERA

April 21, 2017

UF Ed Tech’s Pasha Antonenko has been invited to be one of three speakers at a NSF-sponsored panel at AERA 2017 – one focusing on the NSF’s Big Idea “Human-Technology Frontier” next to Dr. Kurt VanLehn from ASU and Dr. Chandra Mullen from UT Austin.

The National Science Foundation has put forth 10 Big Ideas to drive NSF’s long-term research agenda. One of these Big Ideas is “Work at the Human Technology Frontier,” which includes research to understand the risks and benefits new technologies and enable the creation of technologies that can collaborate with humans to enrich their lives in the workplaces of the future. This Big Idea has direct implications for research on workforce development and advanced learning technologies. This session will discuss possible directions for interdisciplinary research to understand and develop the human-technology partnership, to design new technologies to augment human performance, to illuminate the emerging socio-technological landscape, and to foster lifelong and pervasive learning with technology.