Our undergraduate minor in educational technology is specifically designed to transform teaching and learning through practical applications, integrating technology, multimedia, and forward-thinking design theories. This cutting-edge education and technology program offers you a unique and highly sought-after skill set, enabling the creation of dynamic interactive multimedia products, but also deepens your understanding of educational theories, the latest research, and the most effective practices to enhance learning and training outcomes.

This minor is perfect for individuals eager to lead educational advancements within schools, businesses, or the industrial sector. Graduates emerge with skills that complement their major, making them more versatile within their chosen career path.

By the end of your journey towards our educational technology minor, you will have compiled a comprehensive web portfolio. This portfolio demonstrates your proficiency in designing and developing various multimedia tools and your capability to significantly improve educational experiences and effectiveness.

Embrace the intersection of education and technology with us and prepare to make a meaningful impact in the landscape of evolving educational methodologies and tools.

If you have additional questions, please email the program coordinator, Bojan Lazarevic, Ph.D.

Educational Technology Undergraduate Minor

You can learn more about the undergraduate minor required courses at on the UF catalog site or through the courses’ listings on the schedule of courses.

  • EME 2040: Introduction to Educational Technology (Flyer)
  • EME 3044: Issues and Trends in Educational Technology
  • EME 3319: Design and Development of Educational Multimedia (Flyer)
  • EME 4673: Introduction to Instructional Design
  • EME 4320: Instructional Development for Teaching and Learning

Recommended Course Sequence

Undergraduate Minor Course Sequence

Year 1 Summer

  • EME 2040

Year 2 Fall

  • EME 3319

Year 2 Spring

  • EME 3813
  • EME 4673

Year 2 Summer

  • EME 4320

Course Availability by Semester


  • EME 2040
  • EME 3813
  • EME 3319*


  • EME 2040
  • EME 3813
  • EME 4673*


  • EME 2040
  • EME 3813
  • EME 4320*

*Online Only

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