The Master’s of Education is a fully online graduate program tailored for educators committed to inclusion and excellence in special education. This program offers a flexible learning environment with no requirement for on-campus attendance, making it the perfect fit for busy professionals.

Teach Well, an advanced special education program, offers a dynamic, web-based degree designed to empower teachers to effectively support students with disabilities in inclusive environments. This program is crafted to enhance the competencies of:

  1. Special education teachers aiming to broaden their expertise and impact in their field.
  2. Educators from other disciplines, including elementary, middle, and high school teachers, who wish to acquire the skills needed to support a diverse learning environment.

Program Overview


Track Options


Credits in total

Master of Special Education Certificate Curriculum

Required Courses

  • EEX 6053 Foundations of Special Education 1
  • EEX 6233 Fundamentals of Academic Assessment and Intervention
  • EEX 6661 Fundamentals of Behavior Assessment and Intervention
  • EEX 6xxx Foundations of Special Education 2

Teach Well Track Options

Academic Track

  • EEX 6125 Intervention for Language and Learning Disabilities
  • EEX 6XXX Strategies for Teaching and Learning
  • EEX 6936 Math Strategies for Struggling Students

Behavior Track

  • EEX 6936 Concepts and Principles of ABA
  • EEX 6936 Classroom Applications of ABA

Disabilities in Society Track

  • EEX 6099 Social Perspectives on Disability
  • EEX 6525 Disability Policy and Legislation
  • EEX 6778 Community and Work Access for Individuals with Disabilities
  • EEX 6930 Seminar in Disabilities

Dyslexia Track

  • EEX 6135 Foundations of Literacy Development and Dyslexia
  • EEX 6136 Dyslexia: Language and the Brain
  • EEX 6137 Dyslexia: Assessment for Intervention
  • EEX 6138 Dyslexia: Intervention Methods
  • EEX 6855 Dyslexia: Practicum in Assessment and Intervention

Early Childhood Studies Track

  • EEC 6205 Early Childhood Curriculum
  • EEC 6933 Assessment & Evaluation in Early Childhood Educational Practice
  • EEC 6933 Families in Early Childhood Education
  • EEC 6933 Policy & Transition in Early Childhood Educational Practice

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    Program Requirement

    Program Highlight

    Entry: Any Semester
    REQUIREMENTS: Undergraduate Degree
    Typical Course Load: 9-12 credits
    Full-Time/Part-Time: Part-Time
    Application Deadline: See dates published by the college
    Average Class Size: Not Applicable
    Program Completion: 2 years