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Academic Resources

Student Advising

Connect with an advisor for academic guidance, support and planning.

UF Academic Calendar

View important dates, university closures, deadlines and more.

Education Library

Looking for a study space? Visit the Education Library at Norman Hall.

Tutoring and Study Skills

CLAS offers free tutoring and study skills videos/workshops for University students.

Financial Resources

EduGator Funding

Learn about funding opportunities including scholarships, assistantships, and financial aid.

Education Scholarships

Education-specific scholarships are available for graduate and undergraduate EduGators.

UF Financial Aid

Loans, grants, scholarships, and other financial resources are available for students in need.

UF Tuition and Fees

Learn about the current costs of attendance for all UF programs.

Student Life Resources

UF International Center

Resources for international students, study abroad opportunities, and global teaching opportunities. 

Disability Resource Center

Accommodations are available for students to reach academic success!

Counseling and Wellness Center

Achieve your personal wellness goals or reach out for help.

UF Student Activities & Involvement

See ways to get involved as a UF student.

EduGator Student Involvement

EduGator Student Ambassadors

Facilitates interactions betweens students and EduGator alumni.