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Are you seeking to broaden your skill set in educational technology? Delve into our range of certificates tailored with professional growth in mind. We meticulously crafted our certificate offerings to enhance your skills and credentials in pivotal areas of the ed tech field. Whether you’re a degree-seeking student at UF or a working professional looking to expand your skill set, our certificates offer a pathway to success in instructional design, learning analytics, and more.

Courses for these certificates are available online.

Instructional Design Certificate: Designing Effective Learning Environments

Join our instructional design certificate program and embark on a journey to become a proficient designer of learning environments. You’ll gain a solid theoretical foundation and practical skills in instructional design. During this process, you’ll learn about the five crucial phases of instructional design: analysis, design, development, implementation and evaluation. Equip yourself with the tools to create engaging and impactful instructional materials across various media platforms.

K-12 Teaching with Technology: Empowering Educators for 21st Century Classrooms

Prepare yourself to revolutionize K-12 education with our teaching with technology certificate. Learn how to integrate information and communication technology seamlessly into traditional, blended and online classrooms. Discover innovative strategies to enhance educational outcomes and engage students effectively in the digital age.

Learning Analytics: Harnessing the Power of Data for Enhanced Learning

Explore the frontier of educational technology with our learning analytics certificate. Dive deep into the world of data-driven decision-making, leveraging complex quantitative methods from computer science, statistics, and cognitive sciences. Learn how to manage, analyze, visualize, and interpret learning data to transform educational experiences and drive personalized learning outcomes. Graduates of this certificate program are prepared to transform learning experiences in the 21st century. They are competitive candidates for educational technology software and online learning companies needing data scientists or designers who can use data to make informed decisions.

Students may only start this certificate in the Fall semester, and classes must be taken in the order listed to the right under required courses.

Managing Distance Education Environments: Navigating the Challenges of Remote Learning

Enter the realm of distance education management with our specialized certificate program. Acquire the theoretical and practical skills necessary to manage distance education environments effectively. From logistical challenges to pedagogical strategies, graduates will be equipped to overcome obstacles and lead successful distance learning initiatives.

Online Teaching and Learning: Designing Engaging Virtual Learning Experiences

Prepare to excel in the digital classroom after completing our online teaching and learning certificate. Master the art of designing and delivering engaging online courses, leveraging innovative instructional strategies and technologies. Equip yourself with the skills to create dynamic virtual learning experiences that captivate and inspire students worldwide.

Computer Science Education

Additionally, we offer a sister certificate program in computer science education.

Applying to Certificate Programs

Both current UF students and non-degree-seeking individuals can apply for admission to our certificate programs. Those interested in completing a certificate must fill out the University of Florida’s application for admissions. To locate the correct portal, scroll to the “graduate certificate” section of the admissions website. 

Upon completing our certificate programs, you can transfer 12 credit hours to the online M.Ed. program if your grades are Bs or better. Because of this pathway, our certificates, including learning analytics and instructional design, can pave the way for further academic and professional advancement. Join us at the forefront of educational technology and become a leader in shaping the future of learning.

Please note: these certificates do not yield teacher certification.

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Required Courses

Instructional Design

Required Courses

  • EME 6208: Designing Integrated Media Environments I
  • EME 6606: Advanced Instructional Design
  • EME 6235: Managing Educational Projects
  • EME 6609: Instructional Design

K-12 Teaching with Technology

Required Courses

  • EME 5404: Instructional Computing II: Media Ecologies and Open Education
  • EME 5207: Designing Technology-Rich Curricula
  • EME 5405: Internet in K-12 Instruction
  • EME 6059: Blended Learning Environments

Learning Analytics

Required Courses

  • EDF 6400: Quantitative Foundations in Educational Research: Overview (Offered every Fall by Research & Evaluation program)
  • EDF 6402: Quantitative Foundations in Educational Research: Inferential Statistics (Offered every Spring by Research & Evaluation program)
  • EME 6651: Learning Analytics Concepts and Techniques
  • EME 6637: Managing and Analyzing Multimodal Educational Data

Managing Distance Education Environments

Required Courses

  • EME 6609: Instructional Design
  • EME 6235: Managing Educational Projects
  • EME 6458: Distance Teaching and Learning
  • EME 6236: Distance Education Leadership and Management

Online Teaching and Learning

Required Courses

  • EME 6609: Instructional Design
  • EME 6458: Distance Teaching and Learning
  • EME 6059: Blended Learning Environments
  • EME 6208: Designing Integrated Media Environments I

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    UF Certificate Requirements

    Please note the following University of Florida Graduate School certificate requirements:

    • No course substitutions are permitted for certificates
    • No transfer credits are permitted for certificates
    • Students must apply and be accepted into a certificate program BEFORE they have earned half the required courses (in our case, before 6 hours are earned)
    • Students must apply to receive their certificate in the semester in which they plan to finish it
    • A course may only count toward one certificate. An advisor will help you find an appropriate course if you wish to earn two certificates that require the same course.

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