Dean Nelms welcomed committee members to the Dean’s Advisory Council (DAC) meeting.

Issues for Discussion

Michael Bowie, Director of the Office of Recruitment, Retention, and Multicultural Affairs (RRMA), reported the following activities:

1. Recruitment Activities include graduate students and staff visiting community colleges and advertisement in Diversity: Career Opportunities and Insights. He distributed a draft of a College-wide brochure for Graduate programs in Education.  The Department Chairs will receive information on minority recruitment in the near future.

2. Retention activities include receptions for doctoral and master’s

Students and weekly digests of RRMA activities, academic advising and counseling.  The office also provides Minority Education Scholarships (MES) and Minority Teacher Education Scholarships (MTES) funded through the Florida Fund for Minority Teachers, Inc.  Presently, 43 scholars are enrolled at the University of Florida.  Of that number, 11 are new scholars.  UF has 6.1% of the total number of MTES scholars enrolled in Florida’s colleges and universities.

3. Multicultural Affairs activities include the College Reach-Out

Program (CROP), which has been funded for 2001-2002. Other activities include a Minority Youth Spelling Bee, The Minority Student Education Guild (MSEG), and monthly workshops.

The Dean distributed information on College Mid-year Reviews for 2002.  Council members discussed and agreed upon the following:

1. Chairs will submit individual responses on particular

strengths in the department and areas that need improvement.  (Question #1)

2. Chairs will submit a brief inventory of continuing efforts at internationalization.  (Question #2)

3. Chairs should submit a list of academic goals for its

undergraduate and graduate programs relating to recent SACS reports.  In a brief list indicate what kind of program changes have been implemented “as a result of the SACS assessment.”  (Question #3)

4. Questions #4 and #5 will require responses discussed and

developed college-wide with both administrative and faculty input.  College goals will be discussed by the Dean’s Advisory Committee and Faculty Policy Council.  It was agreed that a half-day retreat be held for discussion of this part of the report. (Question #4)  After that departments and faculty groups should feel free to respond to the ideas developed at the retreat.

5. With regard to the question about consolidation and restructuring of some programs and the handling of possible budget cuts (#5), the same committee constituted to advise on budget cuts should be involved in responding to this question.

The section of the report on “Issues for Discussion Only” does not need to be included in the written report, but the Dean will ask for memos from the chairs on these topics before his mid-year conference with the Provost.

FPC Report

Stephen Smith, Chair of the Faculty Policy Council gave the following update on FPC activities:

1. All College committees are meeting or scheduling meetings, so the constitution is now in place and operating.

2. There will be an effort for all Faculty Policy Council agendas to be distributed before scheduled meeting to everyone in the College.

3. Now that the constitutional infrastructure is in place and operating, the Faculty Policy Council discussed future efforts to make sure that faculty are informed and have opportunities to become involved in College decision-making.  Smith reported that the Faculty Policy Council believes that faculty should deliberate and discuss College matters at the department level rather than through College-wide forums.  Efforts will now be focused on making sure that Faculty Policy Council representatives have time to report on Faculty Policy Council activities at their departmental faculty meetings.

Report of Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

Dean Webb discussed the following issues:

1. Classroom renovations:  OIR has provided funds that will allow us to renovate classrooms in Old Norman.  Renovation will include ceiling and wall repair, removal antiquated wiring, new rugs and window treatments, new lightning and switches, painting, level-three technology, and acoustical material on the ceiling.  We will not lower ceilings and will leave the woodwork undisturbed so that it may be restored at a later date.  Room 330 and the auditorium will not be renovated but 250 will be substantially improved.  COE summer classes will have to be taught elsewhere on campus.

2. OIR has supplied a budget to fund planning of an International Media Union (IMU) in the college.  Dean Nelms has appointed a planning team to identify the IMU’s features and functions, work with architects, and oversee fundraising for the effort.

3. The College has received complaints about smoking in the open areas within Norman Hall.  We have spoken with Environmental Health and Safety and they have suggested a no smoking policy for all Norman Hall space including open corridors, entranceways, breezeways, stairwells, and courtyards.  We plan to implement that policy, post no smoking signs in affected areas, and remove cement ashtrays.  We will provide ashtrays in areas several feet away from building entrances.

Report of the Interim Associate Dean for Graduate Studies and Research

In Dean Kranzler’s absence, Dean Webb reported:

1. Dean Kranzler held a meeting with MDTP on October 19, 2001, to discuss current status and future directions.

a. The meeting was fairly well attended.  Presenters suggested a new life for MDTP and a new level of collaboration with the College.

b.  Reaction to the meeting was mixed.  Some were positive, but several faculty expressed concern that about the level of collaboration that was possible with MDTP.

c. Dean Kranzler met with Dean Nelms to discuss next steps

and met with Dr. Luis Marti on November 2, 2001.

i. Kranzler shared collaboration concerns and stated that the College was interested in a 50-50 collaboration with the College of Medicine.

ii.  Dr Marti appeared sincerely interested in real collaboration and said he is open to discussing all aspects of our relationship with MDTP.  He will send a copy of the proposal and budget for this year to Dean Kranzler.

iii.  Kranzler will meet with deans and interested faculty to discuss the co-director’s position and then will meet again with Luis Marti to reach agreement on that issue.

iv. Following that, the next step in the process is to appoint a co-director.

2. We received four applications for the Dissertation Advisor/Mentor Award.

a. The committee has been appointed and the first meeting is scheduled for November 27, 2001.

b.The College can submit up to 3 nominations to the Graduate School Selection Committee for the award.

3.  Nelms distributed a handout on Policy for Grant Proposal Submission.  He asked Chairs to remind faculty to include space and technology needs in the proposals.  He also reminded Chairs that the College is unable to match any funds this year.

Report of Assistant Dean for Educational Outreach and Communications

Dean Vernetson announced that off-book courses can be used on campus for summer semester.  Faculty member’s compensation can be paid from collected student tuition plus a 10% charge for DOCE.  No FTE is generated for off-book courses.

Report of the Dean

Dean Nelms announced that sponsors are needed for Student Organizations, especially the Education College Council.  This has not been handled well since the departure of our last Assistant Dean for Student Affairs.  Professor Mary Kaye Dykes began to make extraordinarily good progress last year, but is no longer available for that service this year.

Also the Dean mentioned that several candidates have been interviewed for the College Development Officer position.  No one has been identified yet, but he still hopes to have someone in that position by early January.

The Dean reminded Chairs about the Textbook Adoptions program.  Courses not requiring textbooks must also be designated so that they are not included in the College’s average.  He will have the monthly report emailed to the Chairs.

The Dean announced that the Winter Holiday Party will be held on December 7, 2001, at the new Best Western Gateway in Gainesville.