Report from the Research Advisory Committee

March 24, 2003



The Research Advisory Committee was directed by the Faculty Policy Council to consider the current policy for submission of dissertations in the College of Education. The RAC discussed the current policy at their meeting on January 16, 2003. Following their discussion, RAC representatives obtained faculty input on the current policy through discussion at departmental faculty meetings in the College of Education. The faculty input was presented and synthesized at the RAC meeting on February 13, 2003. Based on faculty input and the discussion at the RAC meetings, a revision of the current policy was developed and approved by the RAC. This revision was presented to the Faculty Policy Council on March 24, 2003 and approved.




Each semester the Graduate School, University of Florida establishes and publishes a date for “submission of dissertation before the final examination” and a date for “submission of signed defended dissertation” for the students who expect to graduate that semester. On or before the date of first submission the student must submit his/her dissertation, a letter of transmittal from the supervisory committee chair, and related materials* to the College of Education Graduate Studies Office (Room 125 Norman Hall; phone 392-2315, ext. 263, and to the Graduate School Editorial Office, 164 Grinter Hall. (See the “Deadline Dates” published each semester by the Graduate School for the submission date.) Therefore, you should do the following in order:

Submission Before The Final Exam

1.Secure a signed letter of transmittal from your supervisory committee chair.

2.Make a copy of the transmittal letter and of your dissertation for the College of Education Graduate Studies Office. (The copy of the dissertation need not be on bond paper, and it will be returned directly to your committee chair after review.)

3.Bring the copy of the transmittal letter and dissertation to Room 125 Norman Hall, and receive a memorandum to the Graduate School Editorial Office stating that the College of Education Graduate Studies Office has received a copy of the letter and dissertation. (Foundations students must have the department chair’s signature also on the letter of transmittal.)4.

2. Deliver the memorandum, original letter of transmittal, a copy of dissertation, and related materials to the Editorial Office in 168 Grinter Hall.

Submission of Defended Dissertation

1. After the final examination (“dissertation defense”) make the requested corrections. Double check to insure that all typographical/grammatical errors noted by the Graduate School editor are corrected.

2.Before the published date for final submission, secure signatures from all committee members on the dissertation signature page.

3. Bring both the signed original dissertation and a high quality copy (both on 100% rag bond paper ), the list of corrections requested by the Graduate School, and the signed final examination sheet to Room 125 Norman Hall to obtain the “dean’s signature.” Plan to leave the dissertation for at least 24 hours for final checking of your corrections. (To avoid this delay, candidates from out of town may make an advance appointment.)

4. Deliver the signed original dissertation to the Editorial Office, and leave the copy to be bound and archived by the University Library with the College of Education Office of Graduate Studies and Research.

*Additional copies of the abstract, title page, etc.–see Deadline Dates”.