Members present:  Dr. Vivian Correa, Dr. Harry Daniels, Dr. James Doud, Ms. Mary Driscoll, Dean Catherine Emihovich, Ms. Kay Hughes, Dr. John Kranzler, Dr. James McLeskey, Dr. David Miller, Dr. Dorene Ross, Dr. Theresa Vernetson, Dr. Sandra Witt,

Dean Emihovich welcomed committee members to the Dean’s Advisory Committee (DAC) meeting.  She asked committee members to introduce themselves and to describe their current academic role based on their perceptions of how it was defined.  Members were also asked to share why they were attracted to a leadership position.

Committee Composition and Purpose

As part of the process of creating a core leadership team in the college, Dean Emihovich proposed that the following people be invited to sit on the Dean’s Advisory Committee:

  • Dr. Michael Bowie, Director of Recruitment, Retention and Multicultural Affairs
  • Dr. Don Pemberton, Director of the Lastinger Center
  • Dr. Ben Nelms or Dr. Mickie Miller, UF Alliance Directors

Committee members unanimously agreed to add these three people to this committee.

Dean Emihovich asked committee members for their feedback on the purpose of this committee.  The following ideas were given:

  • Dr. Daniels stated that this committee reflects the personality of the Dean
  • Dr. Ross suggested that another Faculty Policy Council member become involved
  • Dr. Correa stated that she currently serves as liaison for the Faculty Policy Council and would like the new secretary to become involved in these meetings
  • Dr. Vandiver stated that this particular group functions as generators of ideas and strategic directions.  She suggested more planning and programming discussions.

These suggestions will be taken up in future meetings.

Dean Emihovich suggested that the committee meet twice a month.  Committee members agreed to meet on the first and third Tuesday of each month from 9:00-11:00.  The next meeting will be held on August 20.

College Reports and Issues

The following suggestions were made in regard to College reports and issues:

  • Issues should be strategically related to the overall vision for the College
  • The committee will identify one or two key items to focus on in order to accomplish its goals
  • Discussions will be held to determine the strategies and actions needed to facilitate change, and to identify the skills needed to become an effective leader for change.


Dean Emihovich and committee members discussed their views on “What is Leadership.”  Most members agreed that leadership is collaborative in nature and should be focused on helping an organization achieve a collective vision.  Dr. Vandiver suggested that part of the committee’s work would be to engage their respective units in this process.  Dean Emihovich encouraged committee members to bring articles and share ideas on leadership issues.

Dean Emihovich announced that last week she met with Dr. William Ditto, Chair of Biomedical Engineering, to discuss the possibility of College of Education faculty working with his faculty to improve their teaching strategies.  She will pursue this issue with department chairs who will identify faculty who may be interested in this collaboration.

Future Agenda Items

A brief discussion was held on identifying future agenda items.  Two items noted were enhancing collaborative efforts across programs and other units across campus, and supporting junior faculty.

Meeting was adjourned at 12:00.