Members present: Dr. Harry Daniels, Dr. James Doud, Ms. Mary Driscoll, Dean Catherine Emihovich, Dr. James McLeskey, Dr. David Miller Dr. Mickie Miller, Dr. Theresa Vernetson, Associate Dean Rodman Webb, and Dr. Sandra Witt

Members not present: Dr. Michael Bowie, Ms. Kay Hughes, Dr. John Kranzler, Dr. Donald Pemberton, Dr. Dorene Ross, and Dr. Fran Vandiver

Information Item

The May 13, 2003 minutes were unanimously approved.


·      Faculty/Convocation Picnic

Dean Catherine Emihovich discussed the possibility of organizing a different type of activity to begin the new academic year that will take place on August 23. The plan is to hold a picnic (that may possibly be held at a nearby facility such as Blue Springs on the Santa Fe River). The advantages of hosting such an event were discussed, including the following:

o      A picnic would be less formal than the convocation event that was held in conjunction with the beginning of the Fall Semester.

o      It would be a family-oriented activity.

o      Inviting faculty members, staff members, and their children will provide an opportunity to meet newly hired faculty and staff members and their families.

·      July Meeting

The Dean’s Advisory Committee (DAC) meeting that was scheduled for July 22, 2003 has been cancelled. The first DAC meeting of the 2003-2004 academic year will be held on August 26, 2003.

·      Askew Institute

The Reubin O’Donnell Askew Institute on Politics and Society is a statewide institute that is closely linked to Florida’s colleges and universities, as well as to private-sector organizations and state and local government. It is the aim of the Askew Institute to address important issues in a politically non-partisan environment and against the backdrop of state and national history.

Provost David Colburn has notified Dean Emihovich that UF will host an Askew Institute conference in February 2004 that will focus on issues related to education in the state of Florida. He has requested her assistance with the coordination of this event, along with the selection of national-level speakers.

The focus of the 2004 Askew Institute conference will be on issues that impact public education in Florida, such as immigration and diversity. Dean Emihovich will solicit recommendations from the DAC and College faculty members for the names of speakers, including experts on issues related to public schools, for this conference.

The following Askew Institute conference speakers must be selected:

·      The keynote speaker;

·      Several workshop leaders; and

·      The speaker who will close the conference.

Dr. David Lawrence, former Miami Herald publisher, UF journalism graduate, and currently a University Scholar for Early Childhood Development and Readiness, will be the conference convener.

Discussion Items

  • Update on Budget

Dean Emihovich reported on recent information regarding the 2003-2004 budget for the College of Education. Specifically, she indicated that the UF administration has provided the following budget information:

1.     No funding reductions are anticipated.

2.     There should be increased funding for new lines.

3.     It is probable that no lines will be called back by UF (related to retiring faculty members).

She noted that she plans to focus the increase in College financial resources on three important areas:

1.     Expanded support for faculty research, including a continued commitment to improve the research infrastructure of the College.

2.     Increased support for graduate students, including raising graduate stipends to improve the College’s recruitment options.

3.     Provision of “seed money” to support a variety of College initiatives.

  • Updates on Programs/Centers

Dean Emihovich reported on two changes concerning College programs and centers. She also updated DAC members about the search for a new director of the School of Teaching and Learning.

The Gainesville Reads Program will be renewed during the 2003 Fall Semester as the America Reads Program. A clinical reading faculty member will be hired to coordinate this program and to teach reading courses to COE students. A new director will be hired soon for Baby Gator, the UF College of Education’s research center for child development.

She noted that Dr. Thomas Dana, a professor of education at Pennsylvania State University, has been hired as Director of the School of Teaching and Learning, beginning with the 2003 fall semester.

She also noted that the hiring of four African-American faculty members, including Dr. Cirecie West-Olatunji (who has been hired as an assistant professor in the Department of Counselor Education) would further increase the diversity of the College faculty.

  • Adding New Members

Dean Emihovich announced that she plans to add the following faculty members to the DAC for the next academic year:

o      Iona Malanchuk, Director, College of Education Library

o      Director, Baby Gator Child Development Research Center

She indicated how the addition of these faculty members to DAC membership would contribute to the DAC and to the College.

  • Implications of New Education Bill

Dr. Dorothy Minear, Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs, the Division of Colleges and Universities of the Florida Board of Education, has notified Dean Emihovich about a bill that has recently been passed by the Florida Legislature that has major implications for education in the state, particularly for issues related to educator preparation.

The following specific implications of this bill were discussed:

    • The possibility of offering innovative pilot programs for teacher and educator preparation.
    • The “teacher warranty” concept.
    • Special programs for “Highly Talented” Students and critical shortage areas.
    • Standards related to reading, technology, and ESOL.

Dean Emihovich will forward a copy of the final version of this bill to DAC members for their review and input, with special attention to the possible implications for the College and the educator-preparation programs that are currently offered by the COE and the educator-preparation unit at UF.

She suggested that the department chairpersons and faculty members might wish to consider the possibility of certain programmatic changes that could take effect, possibly as soon as the next academic year.

  • Strategic Planning

Dean Emihovich discussed several strategic planning initiatives that may need to be considered by the College of Education in the near future.

The following issues and initiatives were discussed:

o      The importance of working with our colleagues in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS, including UCOTE members) with regard to reconceptualizing some of the educator-preparation programs that are offered at UF.

o      Enlisting support from allies in nontraditional places, e.g., school boards, CLAS faculty and faculty from other units, Tallahassee representatives, and/or COE alumni.

o      Limitations related to the constraints imposed by the Florida Department of Education.

o      Strategies related to “outcome-based” models for pilot programs.

Faculty members will be asked to work together with department chairpersons and deans to consider the feasibility of implementing innovative educator-preparation program changes.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:34 AM.