Members present: Dr. Michael Bowie, Dr. Vivian Correa, Dr. Harry Daniels, Dr. James Doud, Ms. Mary Driscoll, Ms. Kay Hughes, Dr. John Kranzler, Dr. David Miller, Dr. Nancy Waldron, Dr. Rodman Webb, Dr. Elizabeth Yeager (for Dr. Dorene Ross)

Committee members reviewed the September 17, 2002 meeting minutes. Dr. Doud made a motion to accept the minutes, and the committee members agreed unanimously on their acceptance.

Dean Webb circulated a brochure from Northern Illinois University for review by committee members. The packet contains articles on College of Education Endeavors at this University. He also circulated materials from the Florida Children’s Forum announcing their 11th Annual Leadership Conference.

Renovation and Construction Issues

Dean Webb discussed several building projects with the DAC.

Terrace Addition

·  Terrace addition is on schedule.

  • Copies of Terrace plans have been distributed to departments for review.
  • Dean’s office renovations are moving ahead and should be finished in December.

Digital Worlds Theater

  • The Norman Gym renovation is on schedule and being completed by the same contractor doing our Terrace Addition work. The Digital World Institute (a collaboration between the College of Fine Arts and the College of Engineering) is building a digital theater and production studio in the gym.

International Media Union

  • Planning committee has worked with faculty and colleges across campus to plan an International Media Union (IMU) in the College.
  • Preliminary plans are complete and collaborating units across the university are reviewing the IMU’s mission, features, and functions.
Discussion Items

Dean Webb brought several issues to the DAC for discussion.

Teacher Quality, Retention, and Recruitment Symposium

The College will sponsor a Teacher Quality, Recruitment, and Retention Conference in January 2003. The symposium will bring together national experts, state policy makers, DOE and school district personnel, and COE faculty and Deans to discuss Florida’s teacher shortage. Invited attendees will review relevant policy research and successful recruitment and retention programs. The symposium will produce a policy document.

Funding for the symposium has been provided by the Provost, Florida Department of Education, and Washington Mutual.


Dean Webb stated that Arthur Levine, President of Teachers College, Columbia University will visit the college and speak to the faculty and students in January at a date to be arranged.

David Figlio of U.F.’s Economics Department will speak to COE faculty and students about his research with Florida teachers. The date for his visit will be announced soon.


In preparation for the upcoming NCATE visit in April 2003, the DAC reviewed the NCATE website. Dr. Webb asked chairs to review their department homepages, update information where necessary, and use the College’s department page template. DAC members reviewed the Colleges International homepage.

The DAC reviewed college’s (and unit’s) conceptual framework and discussed how the framework was developed and is being used in program work.

The NCATE Planning Team has asked the faculty to put their fall course syllabi on-line. Not everyone has completed that work so chairs will encourage faculty to finish that work soon. Spring semester courses will have to go on line in another month.

The NCATE Planning Team will soon ask faculty to put their vita on line. They will supply a template to make that work as painless as possible. Project Coordinators have been completing the NCATE reports and posting them on their program websites. NCATE planning team members will meet with project coordinators to review their work. He acknowledged the significant work program coordinators have already completed and thanked the NCATE planning team for its steadfast efforts.


Ms. Hughes announced that College Career Night will be held on October 10 from 7:00-9:00 in Norman Hall Room 2337. Alumni will return to discuss their endeavors. This event is for undergraduate and graduate students.

Ms. Hughes also announced that the first Fall issue of Ed Times has been distributed. She stated that she would like to use Dean Emihovich’s convocation speech in the next issue as well as Chair’s highlights.

Ms. Hughes thanked the Deans and Dr. Correa for their participation in the Ice Cream Social.

Dr. Correa announced that the Fall Faculty meeting will be held on October 11 from 3:00-5:00 in Norman Hall Room 250. Faculty will discuss the College’s vision.

Meeting adjourned at 10:35.