Members present:  Dr. Michael Bowie, Dr. Vivian Correa, Dr. James Doud,

Dr. Harry Daniels, Ms. Kay Hughes, Dr. John Kranzler,

Dr. James McLeskey, Dr. David Miller, Dr. Dorene Ross,

Dr. Frances Vandiver, Dr. Theresa Vernetson, Dr. Nancy Waldron,

Dr. Rodman Webb

Administrative Items

Committee members reviewed the August 20, 2002, meeting minutes.  Dr. Bowie made a motion to accept the minutes.  Committee members agreed unanimously to accept the minutes.

Dean Emihovich reported on the following agenda items that were discussed at the Provost Staff Breakfast meeting on August 30.  She stated that salary increases will become effective October 1.  Promotion raises and salary compression rates will both be delayed. The University is currently experiencing a VISA problem with international students’ admissions.  Departments are encouraged to recruit and begin the admission process earlier.  An International Student seminar will be held on November 20 (during International Student Week).  Dr. McLeskey raised a question regarding international students being allowed to pay in-state tuition for admission at the University of Florida.  Dean Emihovich stated that she would follow-up with the Provost on this issue.  The University will be celebrating its 150th Anniversary in 2003.  Ms. Kay Hughes announced that commemorative events are being planned.

Discussion Items

Dean Emihovich stated that she and the Deans have discussed the possibility of doctoral students providing staffing for College Committees.  No decision has been made on this issue and it will be discussed at a later date.

Committee members discussed the recent parking problems which include 1) the gate often getting stuck in the vertical position, 2) raising gate at an earlier time, 3) no parking available for visitors and students who commute to campus to attend evening classes, and 4) USA Credit Union employees who also park in the Norman garage.  Committee members suggested lifting the gate at 4:00 rather than at 4:30.  Staff will need to meet visitors at the gate and use their Gator One card to gain access for the visitor.  Dean Emihovich will also contact Mr. Bob Miller, Vice President for Administrative Services, regarding these issues.

Dean Emihovich asked Chairs to report on faculty positions they will need for 2003-2004:

  • Dr. Daniels stated that Counselor Education will lose three faculty positions next year.  The department will need three school counseling track associate/professor positions and one mental health counseling assistant professor position.
  • Dr. Doud stated that the Department of Educational Leadership will lose three positions.  The Department chair will also need to be replaced.  One faculty member will retire mid-year in 2004.
  • Dr. Miller stated that the Department of Educational Psychology will lose one faculty position.  He also expressed concern of losing faculty to the Dean’s office.
  • Dr. McLeskey stated that the Department of Special Education will not lose any faculty positions next year.
  • Dr. Ross stated that the School of Teaching and Learning will lose two math positions over the next two years.  Reading courses for all Proteach programs will be needed.  Assistant or associate professors for these positions and/or joint programs with the Department of Special Education were discussed.  She stated that 22 sections of ESOL must be taught and the department will need one associate professor to fill these sections.  The Department Chair will also need to be replaced.
  • Dr. Vandiver stated that P.K. Yonge will lose 19 faculty positions next year.  The school will also need an assistant principal and an ESE specialist.

Dean Emihovich stated that the President has submitted his Strategic Plan to the Board of Trustees.  She informed Chairs to start deliberations among their faculty as to what they would like this college to look in the next five years. She also reminded them that it may not be possible to keep all retiree positions.  She encouraged departments to leverage positions with departments across campus and in collaboration with those programs focused on children and families.  Dean Emihovich asked Committee members to consider critical issues for discussion next year.  The following were cited:

  • Dr. McLeskey emphasized the need for a senior level position in the Department of Counselor Education.  He also questioned if a national search is required for a Department Chair position.  Dean Emihovich responded by stating that national searches become necessary if there are no faculty within the department who are prepared to assume this role.  She also noted a need for leadership development to build this capacity within departments, and that she would be exploring some possibilities for doing this in the future.
  • Dean Emihovich stated that growth enrollment would be a critical issue for the Graduate Studies and Research office.
  • Dr. Ross stated her concerns regarding the impact on programs when there is insufficient faculty to staff required courses.

Committee members discussed the following options for filling faculty positions:  hiring visiting faculty for diverse appointments; teachers-in-residence (must have master’s degree); counselor-in-residence (must have doctoral degree); principal-in-residence, and establishing joint appointments with doctoral students.

Dean Emihovich asked Chairs to provide information to the Dean’s office indicating how faculty members are linking their activities to the University agenda of children and families.

Committee members discussed various ways of increasing diversity in hiring new faculty, including a focus on disabilities and sexual orientation.

Future Agenda Items

Dean Emihovich encouraged committee members to read the Lastinger Center Concept Paper prior to the September 17 meeting for discussion.  A Winter Retreat will be held in the near future and agenda items will include diversity issues and a five to ten year College strategic plan.

Dr. McLeskey distributed a handout from the Florida Department of Education regarding a Faculty Innovation Institute that will be held on November 14-16 at the Westin Innisbrook Resort in Tampa, Florida.  The institute will provide unique opportunities for faculty teams to examine and clarify pressing issues facing colleges of education in a time of rapid change.

Dr. Vernetson announced that an inaugural institute on service learning will be held on September 25-27 in Tampa, Florida.  The institute is sponsored by the University of South Florida, the Florida Campus Compact, and the Florida Department of Education.  She informed Chairs that faculty participation is needed and names of interested faculty should be submitted to the Office of Student Services.

Meeting was adjourned at 12:00.