January 27, 2003

Room 158 Norman Hall

Members Present: Jim Archer, Phil Clark, Maureen Conroy, Vivian Correa, Silvia Echevarria-Doan, Lamont Flowers, Hazel Jones (for Paul Sindelar), Bridget Franks, Elizabeth Bondy (for Jane Townsend), Nancy Waldron, Elizabeth Yeager

Others Present:  Associate Dean John Kranzler

Correa called the meeting to order at 2:06 p.m.

Agenda and Minutes

1.  Approval of the agenda for January 27, 2003.

Echevarria-Doan made a motion to approve the agenda and Yeager seconded the motion. The FPC unanimously approved the agenda.

2. Approval of the minutes of the January 13, 2003 Meeting.

Clark made a motion to approve the minutes.  The motion was seconded by Echevarria-Doan, and the minutes were unanimously approved.

Reports from FPC Committees

· College Curriculum Committee.

Waldron stated that the next CCC meeting is scheduled for February 3.

· Undergraduate Admissions/Petitions Committee.

No report. This committee has not met since the last FPC meeting.

· Graduate Admissions/Petitions Committee.

Echevarria-Doan announced that the next meeting is scheduled for February 7.

· Faculty Affairs Committee.

Correa reported that FAC is in the process of finalizing the draft of the Tenure & Promotion Guidelines for FPC review.

Research Advisory Committee.

Conroy reported that the COE Research Advisory Committee met January 16. The issues that were discussed included:

– Gathering input about the role and services of the CARE office.

– Drafting a policy regarding IDC allocations across departments and colleges.

– A discussion of the “review” of COE dissertations by the Associate Dean for Graduate Studies.

– Obtaining faculty input about the doctoral research requirements. A faculty forum to address this topic is planned for February 24th.

The next RAC meeting is scheduled for February 13.

· Student Recruitment and Admissions Committee.

Yeager reported that the committee would hold its next meeting on February 13.

· Long-Range Planning Committee.

Jones indicated that an LRPC meeting will be held January 29 to finalize plans for the Faculty Forum.

Report from the Dean

  • Associate Dean Kranzler reported that Ken Gerhardt of the Graduate School would respond to the College soon about the Graduate School’s decisions regarding graduate admissions criteria as presented in the “Revised Proposal on Continuing Professional Development for Teachers.”

Unfinished Business

·  Feedback on Appointment of Associate Dean of Graduate Studies and Research

A copy of the public e-mail memorandum (Subject: Leadership Development) that Dean Emihovich sent on January 22, 2003 (to announce her appointment of Interim Associate Dean John Kranzler to a permanent position) was discussed. In her e-mail, she also indicated that she might create a new administrative position (Associate Dean for Research and Evaluation), and presented her plans to set up a leadership program within the college.

FPC members discussed her memorandum. Several FPC members indicated the continued need for faculty input regarding appointment of Assistant/Associate Deans and specific requirements of the COE constitution. Individual faculty can respond directly to Dean Emihovich if they have continuing concerns. There was consensus that no additional action by the FPC was warranted at this time.

  • Nominees for Assistant and Associate Dean Review Committee

Correa solicited nominations from the FPC and department chairpersons for membership on the review committee for Associate Dean Webb. The composition of the committee was discussed, including the advantages and disadvantages of assigning a department chairperson to this committee. It was noted that the Agenda committee, at the February 10th meeting, would forward to Dean Emihovich a list of faculty as potential committee members. According to the recently adopted review procedures for Assistant/Associate Deans, the size of this committee and additional membership from other constituent groups in the college is at the discretion of the Dean.

  • Faculty Forum (February 3, 2:00-4:00 p.m., Room G506)

The FPC briefly discussed the faculty forum that is scheduled for February 3. The topics that will be addressed are the following:

o  How to increase a sense of college identity; and

o  How to balance doctoral education and research with the demands for service and teacher preparation.

Correa noted that information about the Faculty Forum has been posted on the FPC Website. Jones will send a reminder to faculty members, encouraging them to attend the forum.

New Business

  • Discussion of Committee Structures under the Current Constitution.

The section of the COE Constitution that addresses committee structure was distributed. There was an extended discussion about reviewing and possibly changing the COE committee structure as the constitution is reviewed and amended this spring.

The following issues were discussed as they relate to current committee structure and assignments:

o  Committees are small; having a quorum can be difficult at times.

o  Committees do not necessarily have a representative from each department, which hinders communication and feedback regarding policy issues.

o  Committees may not have a cross section of faculty representation by rank and experience.

o  Ongoing functions of the college that require faculty input are currently determined through selection/appointment by deans and department chairpersons for certain committees which are not part of the FPC committee structure.

Concerns were expressed about the unequal distribution of work to the current committees. Reconsideration of the specific topics and issues that are assigned to the various committees may be necessary, along with granting more flexibility with regard to addressing operating, as well as policy issues.

The FPC members discussed and recommended changes in the current structure of operating and standing committees in order to improve the important areas of work within the college. Specific recommendations included combining the Undergraduate Admissions/Petitions Committee with the Graduate Admissions/Petitions Committee, eliminating some of the distinctions between operating and standing committees (e.g., connecting the policy and operational functions of current committees by adding an operational role to standing committees and/or possibly eliminating the term “operating committees”), and the advisability of creating new committees, such as a COE awards committee.

Associate Dean Kranzler indicated that certain awards—and the committee structure for granting these awards—are determined by UF (not college) policy. Waldron will meet with him to review such policies regarding specific UF rules and regulations that would impact such committees.

The FPC members discussed the election of members for committees. Questions were raised about how to improve committees by making them more representative of faculty in the college and assuring the presence of individuals that are interested and have experiences regarding committee issues. Possible ways to change the election process: only hold college-wide elections for FPC members, have departments select/elect department representatives to each FPC standing committee, use a process of selection/appointment where names of interested faculty for each committee are forwarded to the Agenda committee who select committee members to ensure diversity (departments, rank, experience).

Waldron and Correa will provide a draft of possible revisions to the FPC committee structure in the COE Constitution. This draft will be presented at a future FPC meeting for further discussion.


Clark moved that the meeting be adjourned. Jones seconded the motion. The meeting was adjourned at 3:41 p.m.