1. In accordance to the College of Education Constitution (Article III, Section 1), “The Dean shall be responsible to the President for the administration of the College and shall be the agent of the faculty for the execution of educational policy. The service of the Dean shall be reviewed annually by the faculty.”
  2. The annual review provides a formal, systematic process for faculty to provide input to the Dean on activities, performance, and goals; the vast majority of which bear directly on the faculty.
  3. The annual review provides a structured mechanism for feedback and advice for the improvement of the College of Education administration and for the maintenance of superior administrative performance.
  4. The annual review encourages both the administration generally and the individual administrator to set appropriate goals and to assess one’s success in reaching those goals.

Procedures for Annual Review of the COE Dean:

  1. The annual review of the COE Dean will be conducted in the spring semester of each academic year.
  2. Early in the spring semester, the Chair of Faculty Policy Council will designate a minimum of three FPC members to serve as the Annual Review Committee.
  3. The Annual Review Committee, with input from FPC, will develop a survey to solicit faculty input regarding critical roles and responsibilities of the Dean.
  4. The Dean will have the opportunity to develop a brief statement that provides a summary of activities, accomplishments, annual goals, and future directions.
  5. A paper copy of the survey, the Dean’s statement (if available), and envelope will be disseminated to all tenured, tenure accruing, and non-tenure track faculty in the College of Education.
  6. A response period of two weeks (10 business/work days) will be established for faculty to complete the survey.
  7. Completed surveys will be returned to a designated member of the Annual Review Committee
  8. Survey responses will be aggregated by the Annual Review Committee.  A written report that summarizes the results will be completed.
  9. The Annual Review Committee will meet with the Dean to discuss the results of the review and share an official copy of the report.
  10. A copy of the report will be sent to the Provost and will be made available in each College of Education department/school for faculty review.

Approved by COE Faculty Policy Council, March 22, 2004