Members present: Dr. Michael Bowie, Dr. Tom Dana, Dr. Nancy Dana, Dr. Harry Daniels, Ms. Dotti Delfino, Dr. James Doud, Dean Catherine Emihovich, Ms. Kay Hughes, Dr. John Kranzler, Ms. Iona Malanchuk, Dr. James McLeskey, Dr. David Miller, Dr. Mickie Miller, Dr. Donald Pemberton, Dr. Jeanne Repetto, Dr. Frances Vandiver, Dr. Theresa Vernetson, Dr. Nancy Waldron and Dr. Rodman Webb

Information Item

The September 23, 2003 minutes were unanimously approved.


Dean Emihovich distributed copies of the Fall 2003 Florida Educational Leadership Journal.  Dean Vernetson announced that the issue contains articles by Drs. Thomasenia Adams and Ester deJong, faculty in the School of Teaching and Learning.  The 2004 Dean’s Advisory Committee schedule was also distributed.

Dean Emihovich announced that Associate Dean Webb will be stepping down from his position as Associate Dean for Academic Affairs in June 2004.  A national search will be conducted and Dean Kranzler will serve as chair of the search committee.  Dean Emihovich stated that self nominations are welcome.

Dean Emihovich announced that she met with the Research Advisory Committee members on December 8, 2003 to discuss the Research Director’s position.  She stated that Dean Kranzler will be meeting with each department chair to clarify duties and responsibilities of the director.  A director will be appointed by the end of spring semester and the OERI should be fully operational by summer 2004.

Dean Emihovich announced that Ms. Robin Frey has been appointed as the new Event Coordinator for Alumni Affairs.

Dean Emihovich announced that she plans to meet with Alachua County School Board personnel to discuss collaborative possibilities for Prairie View including early childhood intervention services, Baby Gator, PKY, and the Lastinger Center for Learning.

Updates on Programs and Centers

Dean Emihovich reported the following updates for Baby Gator:

  • The Infant Toddler Center has moved out of the Methodist Church and is now housed on campus.
  • Restructuring of Baby Gator will include three ages (Toddlers, Growing Gators and Future Gators).
  • Internet access is now available.
  • Cleaning and painting has begun.
  • They received gift from NASA to buy Star Cruiser and they may become involved with the Florida Space Consortium initiative.
  • They received a gift of $10,000 from a private donor, and $1,000 from a community foundation in Tampa.
  • Sylvia Ferguson has resigned as Assistant Director.
  • Long range plans are to move the location of Baby Gator and appoint an Assistant Director.

Dean Webb reported the following updates on the College:

  • Department of Education and NCATE work continues.  An accountability system should be in place by fall 2004.
  • A meeting with the Alachua County School Superintendent and/or representatives will be held on January 7, 2004 to discuss future Prairie View collaborations.
  • A mentoring program/summer institute may be developed to meet new legislative mandates for teacher professional development.
  • Tenure and Promotion process is going very well.
  • Long Range Plans for this year include increasing enrollment growth.
  • A follow-up study on graduates is in progress and will be coordinated by Drs. James Algina and David Figlio, Department of Economics.
  • Restructuring the work of the Education Library is one aspect of the academic technology instruction initiative.
  • Discussions are being held with a private donor and Congressman John Mica on funding for the International Media Union.

Dr. David Miller reported the following updates on the Department of Educational Psychology:

  • Two new faculty members will begin in fall 2004 (Associate Dean Webb and an Assistant Professor). One faculty member is expecting a child and will be on maternity leave.

Dr. Tom Dana reported the following updates on the School of Teaching and Learning:

  • Internal reorganization is needed in the school.
  • They are focusing on improving the language and literacy program and establishing a math, science and technology (MST) program. A search is being conducted for a MST assistant professor.
  • A National Science Foundation proposal with Engineering is being submitted today.
  • A weekend certification program in educational technology is being implemented.

Dr. Nancy Waldron reported the following updates on the Faculty Policy Council:

  • Ad hoc committees have been established to develop new policies.  These committees will focus on:  1) doctoral research requirement, 2) faculty and budgetary affairs, and 3) faculty review of dean (review will be held in spring 2004).

Dr. Fran Vandiver reported the following updates on P. K. Yonge Developmental Research School:

  • Newsletter has been finalized.
  • Performing Arts Center held its opening night gala on December 9, 2003 and was very successful.
  • Visual arts is collaborating with art education and filmmaking classes.
  • They are seeking a $300,000 grant to support the performing arts.
  • Demonstration classrooms will be set up to highlight the Florida Reading Initiative.

Dr. Theresa Vernetson reported the following updates on the Office of Student Affairs:

  • Candidates for Teacher of the Year are Dr. Martha League, Department of Special Education and Dr. Diane Yendol-Silva, School of Teaching and Learning.
  • Group search advertisements are complete (position announcements mailed).

Dr. Jeanne Repetto reported the following updates on the University Center of Excellence in Developmental Disabilities (UCEDD):

  • The center has been named the Center for Family, Community and Disability Studies.  Furniture has been purchased and a program assistant will be hired in the near future.
  • Several collaborative grants are in progress across campus and college-wide.

Ms. Kay Hughes announced the following updates on the Office of Information and Publication Services:

  • College web page is currently in work and will include an announcement link, monthly newsletter, The Teacher Quality, Recruitment and Retention Conference highlights, Faculty Publications, UF Digest and On-line Survey for Publications.
  • On-going press release and possible media coverage with television stations is in progress.
  • Fall Education Times has been distributed.  The winter edition is in progress.  All issues are available online and archived.
  • Created logos for Baby Gator and P. K. Yonge.
  • Catherine stated that donations have increased due to publications visibility.
  • Dr. Michael Bowie has been named President of the National Pan-Hellenic Council, Inc.

Dr. McLeskey reported the following updates on the Department of Special Education:

  • Doctoral students hired on grant funds are housed in Norman 1341.
  • Research grants are continuing to grow.
  • Department is pursuing grants in doctoral leadership, reading, and early childhood Pre-K training.
  • Dr. Stuart Schwartz has retired and now resides in San Diego, Dr. Cecil Mercer is on medical leave, Dr. Diane Ryndak is on sabbatical in Poland and Dr. Hazel Jones is on sabbatical. Dr. Edythe Smith will continue to teach the Exceptional Students class through summer 2004.
  • Dr. Sindelar will be chairing the search for a Special Education Administrator.

Dr. Don Pemberton reported the following updates on the Lastinger Center for Learning:

  • Currently there are nine poverty schools.  Prairie View is no longer a partnership school. The Center is gaining six new schools in Miami and is seeking to hire a full-time employee at Miami High School.
  • The Center’s staff will be making presentations at the Annual Holmes and American Educational Research Association (AERA) meetings.
  • Two Holmes Scholars have been appointed and will begin in January 2004.

Ms. Iona Malanchuk reported the following updates on the Education Library:

  • The Buros Evaluation and Measurement Yearbook is now available on-line.
  • Carrolls in the instructional area has been moved to the first floor of the library.
  • Library West will be closed December 24, 2004 through January 2006 for remodeling and will be temporarily housed in a facility located on Waldo Road.
  • Students will be exempt from all fines December 12, 2003 through January 16, 2004.

Dr. Daniels reported the following updates on the Department of Counselor Education:

  • Three faculty members have retired and three new faculty members have been appointed.  There are still two faculty lines to fill.  Dr. Jim Archer will be taking an early retirement.  A need for internal faculty has increased.  Dr. Mary Ann Clark is doing an outstanding job serving as Professor-in-Residence at Prairie View Elementary.  Dr. Ellen Amatea is also doing good work at P. K. Yonge.

Dr. Michael Bowie reported the following updates on the Florida Fund for Minority Teachers (FFMT) and Recruitment, Retention and Multicultural Affairs:

  • Ms. Shirley St. Juste is coordinating the College ReachOut Program (CROP).  This program is serving over 100 students in Middle and High Schools.  The Kennedy Homes area in Gainesville is being considered at a location for afterschool programs.
  • Dr. Walter Kimbrough, Vice President for Student Affairs at Albany State University, gave a faculty presentation on December 3, 2003 entitled “Historically Black Colleges and Universities:  Their Roles and Challenges.  Dr. Bowie thanked everyone for attending.
  • The campus outreach activities were successful.

Dr. Mickie Miller reported the following updates on the UF Alliance office:

  • Alliance staff will be making presentations at the Annual Holmes Partnership Conference in January 2004.
  • A follow-up is currently being conducted with Alliance scholars.
  • Ms. Wanda Lastrapes, lecturer, has received her doctoral degree and has begun work in recruitment, retention, and mentoring programs for teachers.
  • They are establishing programs for 9th graders to assist in keeping them in school and on track academically.

Ms. Dotti Delfino reported the following updates on the Office of Administrative Services:

  • Staff bonuses were awarded for support activities and efforts.  She thanked Deans, Department Chairs and Directors on behalf of the staff.
  • Reminded Chairs about the new People Soft financial software that the University will begin using in summer 2004.  Currently the university is using a 10-digit number system but will convert to a 23-digit system.
  • All staff will be asked to attend People Soft training classes in March to become informed about business policies changing.
  • Mr. David Fowler has been appointed as an Office Assistant in the Office of Administrative Services.

Dr. Nancy Dana reported the following updates on the Center for School Improvement:

  • Ms. Yashica Crawford and Ms. Michelle Thompson were selected as Holmes Scholars for Spring 2004.  Ms. Thompson will assist Dr. Nelms with supporting teachers at the Alliance school sites and Ms. Crawford will assist the Lastinger Center.
  • Approximately 25 faculty are attending the Holmes Conference in January 2004 and UF will participate in the Job Fair.
  • School University Partnership meetings are being held to establish ways to communicate the work at the University of Florida.

Dr. John Kranzler reported the following updates on the Office of Graduate Studies and Technology:

  • There are 25 fellowships available this year.
  • Drs. Elizabeth Bondy, Dale Campbell and Ellen Amatea are nominees for the Doctoral Dissertation Award.
  • PC servers are currently being assembled.
  • Various databases are being created.
  • $250,000 has been spent on technology renovations and upgrading two labs.

Dr. Doud reported the following updates on the Department of Educational Leadership:

  • Thanked Dr. Fran Vandiver for her service and efforts in the department.
  • Dr. Doud will remain as department chair for another year.
  • Foundations may move to STL but the rest of the department structure will stay the same.
  • Search is being conducted for K-12 position.  This person will assist with doctoral dissertations and help develop the new principal certification program.
  • Dr. Lamont Flowers has been nominated for the American Educational Research Association (AERA) Promising Scholar Award.
  • 20 students will take qualifying examinations in spring 2004.

Graduate Student Recruitment and Diversity

Dean Emihovich announced that she met with Dr. Jacquelyn Hart, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs on December 15, 2003 to discuss the College’s Annual Report on affirmative action.   Student diversity in the College has diminished in the last two years, although faculty diversity has increased.  She stated that faculty should plan to take a more visible role in recruiting a more diverse student population.  Discussion was held on various ways to increase graduate student recruitment and diversity:

  • Evaluate where students come from (most are from the State of Florida and private institutions).
  • Consider number of students applying and why they are being denied admission.
  • Minority fellowships are not competitive; therefore, $2,000 scholarships are available as supplement to assistantships.
  • The Office of Recruitment, Retention and Multicultural Affairs has services available to enhance recruitment.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:00 a.m.