May 10, 2004

Room 158, Norman Hall

Members present: Ellen Amatea, Jenny Asmus, Dale Campbell, Maureen Conroy, Cyndy Griffin (alternate for Hazel Jones), Ester DeJong, Mirka Koro-Ljungberg, Linda Lamme, Terry Scott

Members absent: Tracy Linderholm, Larry Tyree

Others present: Erika Gubrium

Conroy called the meeting to order at 2:12 p.m.

Agenda and Minutes

1. Approval of agenda for May 10, 2004


Lamme made a motion to approve the May 10, 2004 meeting agenda as submitted by Conroy. Asmus seconded the motion. The FPC unanimously approved the agenda.

2. Approval of the minutes of the April 19, 2004


Campbell made a correction to the minutes and made a motion to approve the April 19, 2004minutes with the change requested. Asmus seconded the motion. The FPC unanimously approved the minutes as amended.

Action Items

1. Election of FPC Secretary


Conroy reported that the main purpose of the meeting was to elect a secretary so that the secretary can have enough time to negotiate their 25% course release in the fall. Conroy also noted that FPC will not be meeting this summer and she provided the tentative dates for future meetings in next year.

Conroy reviewed the secretary’s roles which are defined in the constitution. The secretary:

1) is a voting member of FPC who is responsible for taking minutes, sending drafts of minutes to the FPC faculty, editing, and posting the minutes online,

2) is the chair of the College Curriculum Committee,

3) serves on the Agenda Committee comprised of three other people and the Dean to meet once a month to set the FPC meeting agenda, and also

4) serves as secretary of faculty meetings.

After one year as secretary, the secretary becomes chair of FPC the following year. Eligible FPC members are incoming tenured full or associate professors.

Conroy added that since FPC represents all departments across the College of Education, perhaps the secretary and chair should be cross departmental.

Conroy reported that nominations would be held today. If there was not more than one nominee that agreed to take the role, the vote would be held today. If there were multiple nominees interested in taking the role, votes would be held at a later date.

Eligible members include: Ellen Amatea, Dale Campbell, Larry Tyree, Terry Scott, Hazel Jones, and Linda Lamme.

Lamme asked if any two year faculty members were interested. Conroy replied that she had spoken with Larry Tyree (via email) and expressed concern about the position since he had only been on the faculty for two years. Conroy added that Hazel would prefer not to serve as secretary, but stated that she was willing if no one else volunteered.

Amatea added that commitments keep her from being able to participate as did Campbell and Scott. Scott noted, however, that like Hazel, if he was needed, he would serve.

Lamme reported that she would not be able to serve either and asked if Koro-Ljungberg could serve. Conroy replied that Koro-Ljungberg were not eligible, since she is an assistant professor.

Conroy noted that the Special Education department has chaired three out of the four years and suggested that another department may want to chair the FPC. Asmus added that it should be cross departmental.

Conroy asked FPC members for other suggestions.  She also noted that the Counselor Education Department has many assistant professors which have a hard to stepping up as representatives and shared her appreciation of Amatea’s decision to participate.

Asmus asked if only the faculty on the FPC membership list were eligible. Conroy replied yes because those are the members elected to FPC.

Asmus asked how likely it would be for Tyree to reconsider. Conroy said she would ask especially because he has strong leadership skills.

Koro-Ljungberg advised Conroy to ask Tyree and noted that she was not concerned with people coming from Special Education.

Asmus replied that people from Special Education are not asking to serve but are serving because they are needed. Asmus added that it is not fair because of issues of course release, time, and load.

DeJong suggested that Conroy ask Tyree because he would be here three years before becoming a chair. Conroy replied that she would get back to him but was not sure if he would say yes.

Campbell asked if alternates were eligible. Conroy replied that alternates were not.

Asmus asked Amatea and Campbell if they definitely could not serve. Amatea and Campbell said they definitely could not. Conroy asked Lamme if she could serve. Lamme replied no because she was overextended. Asmus noted that the only options are Tyree, Scott, and Jones.

Griffin nominated Tyree and Scott seconded the nomination.

Conroy asked FPC members for a back up plan in case Tyree turned down the nomination. Scott replied that if Jones and Tyree say no, he would take the position.

Conroy noted that she would talk to the Tyree and the James McLeskey (chair of Special Education) because if Hazel served as secretary, this would impact the department with 2 faculty members being released from a single department.

Asmus questioned what would occur if all said no. Conroy noted that the decision would extend to the fall.

Informational Items

1. Review of 2004-2005 FPC Meeting dates (tentative)


Conroy provided present FPC members with a list of tentative FPC meeting dates noting that there are two meetings a month for the rest of the year.

Griffin asked what times the meetings are held. Conroy replied that meetings are held from 2:00 – 4:00 p.m.

2. Review of FPC structures and operating guidelines


Conroy provide present FPC members with the constitution pointing out that the FPC deals with matters related to the college as a whole. FPC shares a shared governance role and meets twice a year with the Dean to review the budget.

Conroy reported that representatives are two people from each department. If a representative cannot attend, they should ask the alternate. If the alternate cannot attend, the representative would have to find another representative. Meetings are open to all faculty. The Student Alliance of Graduates in Education (SAGE) is also going to provide a representative.

FPC members serve as a liaison to share information with their departments.

Conroy noted that the meetings follow Robert’s Rules and asked for assistance if she failed to follow them. Conroy added that administration and graduate students are invited but, faculty members have the floor although input would be taken from all present when relevant. Issues can be brought to FPC by any faculty member and should be forwarded to the agenda committee, Conroy, or the secretary.

3. Review of FPC committees


Conroy encouraged FPC members to review the constitution and added that each representative would serve on at least one committee.

DeJong asked if the committees report to FPC. Conroy replied yes and that each committee meets at least once a month.

Conroy noted that committees develop policy. She added that two of the issues are the minority recruitment and retention plan as well as a definition of faculty. Conroy asked FPC members to review the committees and inform her of their interest.

Amatea asked if there were current faculty commitments from FPC. Conroy replied not necessarily, noting that Scott could stay on the Technology Committee if he chose too as could Lamme stay on the Long Range Planning Committee.

DeJong asked if there were any agenda items carrying over. Conroy replied that they were technically not but the minority recruitment and retention plan as well as the definition of faculty will be on the agenda for the fall. Conroy added that the Associate Deans needed to be evaluated in the fall.

Lamme asked if there was any word on the new Associate Dean. Conroy replied no although two candidates, Tom Prout and Rennee Cliff, were ruled out.

Conroy adjourned the meeting at 2:50 p.m.