Budgetary Affairs Committee (BAC)

Meeting Minutes – 2/6/12

Members present:  James McLeskey, Bernie Oliver, Eileen Oliver, Jeanne Repetto, Tina Smith-Bonahue  Ex-officio member:  Dean Glenn Good, Associate Dean Tom Dana

Members absent:  Suzy Colvin, Harry Daniels

Minutes from January 9, 2012 were approved.

Committee Responsibility

Dr. McLeskey discussed a topic from FPC regarding committee responsibility.  In essence, it appears that the current structure does not fit as it previously did.  Possible alternatives might be to deemphasize standing committees.  Some thoughts from this group included the possible establishment of ad hoc committees and the value of committees having separate responsibilities.  Cross-committee groups were also mentioned.  Recognizing that some committees are difficult to define specifically, he gave the technology committee, for example, as there are budgetary implications for such a group.  FPC will continue to discuss this topic and we will receive feedback accordingly.

Discussion on Entrepreneurial Programs

Associate Dean Dana presented information regarding the development of entrepreneurial initiatives.

The Budgetary Affairs Committee will continue to make recommendations for guidelines related to entrepreneurial programs.  Various points made by Dr. Dana follow:

  • UF and BOG committed to units to engage in entrepreneurial activity
  • Impending budget cuts support this initiative


UF undergraduates (see accompanying PDF)

Increase autonomy with less state funding

Redundancy in the system is under consideration

“Distance Learning Fees for On-line Courses or Sections for In-Residence”

Undergrad fee (approximately $25) may be charged for “on-campus” students who take online courses

We are currently estimating the number of students who will be served



Continuing/exec ed non-credit/competency driven course/s programs

Summer institute, weekend institute, webinars, seminars


Process for developing program

  • Guidelines have been developed (Guidelines for Approval Self-funded Programs and Graduate Certificate Policy see accompanying PDFs) to put together plan.
  • Market analysis (site price/what willing to pay, what context, etc.); Business plan); vetting; (webinar can also be used as marketing plan…can get CEUs) so piece can be repurposed


Who does market analysis?

Eduventures?  Key word analysis?  We have new marketing person.


Faculty compensation should be consistent, depending upon the program and with all other elements taken under consideration.


Next meeting: March 12


  1. Dean Good will discuss budget issues next month
  2. We will continue the conversation about self-funded programs


Meeting adjourned: 2:00

Next Meeting: March 12th at 1:00