Budgetary Affairs Committee (BAC)

Meeting Minutes – 3/26/12


Members present:  Suzy Colvin, James McLeskey, Bernie Oliver, Eileen Oliver, Jeanne Repetto, Tina Smith-Bonahue

Ex-officio member:  Dean Glenn Good, Associate Dean Tom Dana

Absent: Harry Daniels,


Minutes from March 12, 2012 meeting were approved.


Discussion and revision suggestions were made for the March 2012 version of the Guiding Principles for Budget Decision Making (see attached).


Issues discussed included differences between horizontal cuts based on strategic analysis versus cuts by attrition; shifts to non-recurring funds  may be temporary; caution for making vertical cuts too soon (We shouldn’t lose sight of college goals).


We recognized that credit hour generation is a major element regarding programs (healthy credit hour generation) and their tenure.


The plan is to review our principles, seek approval from everyone, then forward our recommendations for this revised document to FPC.  We will alert FPC to the possibility that they may want to recommend to the Dean to offer staff the opportunity to review our document and add their concerns.  Or, staff may want to develop their own guidelines.


The discussion culminated with revisions suggested for the Principles document.  Once the revisions are made, they will be sent to committee members and then on to FPC.


The Dean explained that he has no new information at this time regarding changes in the budget.  The 5% is the cut at this point.  We will be able to sustain this cut.  Hopefully, there will be no other budget cuts.  He will keep us posted.


The meeting was adjourned.