College Curriculum Committee

Minutes of the September 19, 2011 Regular Meeting

Location: Norman 158

Present: Dorene Ross STL Chair, John Kranzler SESPECS, Jane Townsend STL, Tom Dana Dean’s representative, Jann McInnes, HDOSE, Pat Ashton HDOSE, Penny Cox SESPECS, Colleen Swain STL, Diedre Houchen Graduate Assistant,

Time Called to Order: 2:05


Associate Dean Tom Dana provided an overview of the work of the committee and an introduction to the approval website.  Certain areas of the website requiring particular attention were stressed such as base count versus headcount, and rationale versus description. Dr. Dana provided a description of the entire process up to the UCC and beyond the UCC. Dr. Packer noted that forms must be filled out in Times New Roman as the system will not accept other fonts. Dr. Dana noted that consultations sometime take place as emails and are appended to proposals in lieu of the form. The Course Syllabus Checklist is being reviewed with the potential for revision

Dr. Dana also provided an overview of considerations for evaluating proposed courses and certificates. A certificate is a logical sequence of courses with a minimum of nine hours. All certificates at any level must go through the new approval process that is standardizing the way the University handles certificates. Students will now get transcripts stamped with certificate approval rather each department printing their own.  The intention of a certification is to add some specific dimension either as an area of focus within or outside of major.

Consideration of proposed new courses

MAE3XXX– Dr. Ross provided background information. This was taught initially as a special topics course and is being added to curriculum as two math content and pedagogy courses. This is the first of the two.

Dr. Dana used this course to provide an explanation of important areas to note while reviewing a course. The description of the request should read as a rationale for the request.  The Course description in syllabus should match the description on UCC form; the syllabus may contain more detail. After discussion, MAE3XXX is recycled with recommendations.

Committee recommendations for MAE3XXX are to:

  • Put rational for request on first page.
  • Add a hyphen to pre-service.
  • Map Syllabus on to sequence of the checklist
  • Add Course Objectives, if attempting to connect math standards with learning objectives, this must be made more explicit.
  • Topic section is insufficient- fold readings up into list, add assignments,
  • Change 21 letter course title to something more evident of content

7XXX- Literacy, Culture and Politics-Course is designed to separate out doctoral students interested in topic from Master’s students as the current arrangement is not optimal.  After discussion, 7XXX-is recycled with recommendations.

Committee recommendations to 7XXX are to:

  • Change the title to reflect Policy instead of Politics
  • Change from combined Lab to appropriate format
  • Select base
  • Change description on form to reflect syllabus, suggested language of first sentence is “Designed for doctoral students.”
  • Change corequisites as they bind students to 9 hours of doctoral study in order to participate in course.
  • Revise Rationale-Suggested language “strengthening our doctoral offerings by expanding…”
  • Take out other, professional, and minor on form.
  • Requires a more contemporary book than 2003, as the focus is contemporary policy
  • Topics need to be included in syllabus and calendar
  • In evaluating students, each item needs clarification and depth beyond percentages and quantity of work
  • Clarify student book selections- are they different from course reading list?
  • Add dates to calendar
  • Add discussion of makeup work
  • Clarify assessment points and percentages
  • Take out the paper grading rubric

The CCC is recommending that those proposing courses and certificates or someone appointed by the department be present at the meeting to describe proposal, hear comments. Each CCC representative will take a copy of the checklist back to department.

Consideration of Certificate Programs

Adult Online Teaching

Instructional Design

K-12 Online Teaching

Managing Distant Learning

Associate Dean Dana suggested the committee review all certificates for content, concept and substance as numbers will be changed. CCC chose one certificate program to focus on and talk across all four.  Dr. Swain Packer asked for clarification of the rationale and context of the certificates. (This is noted in Dr. Dana’s notes on the CCC website.) Each of the certificates is recycled.

Committee recommendations for each certificate program are to:

  • Revise rationale and place in the curriculum to make it clear how the listed courses create coherent focus on the topic of the certificate
  • Attend CCC meeting to describe rationale for certificate

Dr. Ross noted an error of the main person in each department submitting new entries instead of revising, when the CCC has called for revisions. Please encourage staff members to revise prior entries.

Adjourned:  3:54